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Prize Draw Results and IBW Classes Open!

Prize draw results, International Beading Week 2020, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Well, it’s 1st July 2020, and here I am with the long-awaited International Beading Week prize draw results. Plus, the exciting news that you can now enroll on my two classes.

And, best of all, if you enroll before 20th July 2020, you’ll be getting 25% off the class price. The price you’re seeing today shows the discounted early bird offer. But you’ll only be able to get it before 20th July. So, don’t miss out.

Click here to enroll on the six-pointed star class and get your earl-bird discount

The six-pointed star beaded box is for anyone who enjoys making beaded boxes. You can use either size 10/0 or size 11/0 Delicas. I’ve given you a PDF tutorial to download, with the full project instructions. Plus, I’ve demonstrated all the techniques on video. So, it’s as much like a real class as possible. But with the added bonus that you can work in your own time, at your own pace…much better than being constrained to a particular time!

Click here to enroll on the Superduo beaded beads class and get your 25% discount

The superduo beaded beads are quick and fun to make. Again, I’ve given you a PDF tutorial to download, plus I’ve demonstrated every single step on video. So, this is great for any level of experience.

You can get started on both classes right away. So, if your beading week schedule is already starting to look busy, you can fit these classes in early, or save them up until after the main event. That way, you’ll keep the beading week fun going!

Even if you’re not ready to start today, make sure you enroll, so you can benefit from that early bird offer. Then, you can start beading whenever you’re ready.

The Prize Draw Results

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the IBW2020 prize draw. If that was you, then please watch your inbox today…I will be emailing all the entrants today to share the prize draw results and announce the winner.

Now, someone asked me if I would be sharing the correct answer with you all. Naturally, you’ll get it in the email if you entered, but if you didn’t, let me share it here now…

I asked you what had inspired my six-pointed star box. Then, I gave you three options:

  • an episode of Barbie
  • a rainbow
  • the colour wheel

What’s the right answer…?

Well, I love how many people went for the episode of Barbie! You all know me very well, and yes, this is exactly the kind of thing that might inspire a project from me (it may do yet…).

But, I’m afraid the correct answer was actually a lot more boring… The colour wheel inspired this project.

Why that?

Well, firstly, the Beading Week logo is a representation of inclusivity, so it uses a full range of colours, taken from the colour wheel. I think, given all that is going on around us at the moment, that message of welcome and inclusion is more important than ever.

Secondly, I’ve spent a lot of this year working on colour. That resulted in an online course designed specifically for anyone who struggles with bead colour combinations. And I basically love colour, and love exploring and show-casing it!

How to choose bead colours, online course with Katie Dean, Beadflowers, My World of Beads

Now, you may be wondering why the rainbow is not also a correct answer. Well, technically, a rainbow has 7 colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). My six-pointed star uses just six colours – the primary and secondary colours from the colour wheel. So, they may be close to the colours of the rainbow, but they’re not quite the same.

Incidentally, if you want to understand more about the colour wheel and colour theory, you might want to try this link.

Will you be joining me?

I hope I’ll be welcoming you to one of my online classes to celebrate International Beading Week 2020. But, if you can’t make either of those, don’t worry. For one thing, they will be available even after beading week (just at full price). So, you can always join later.

I will also be organising a few more treats and surprises during the actual week. So, if you’re not already on my mailing list, make sure you join up now. That’s how I’ll be sharing these treats! Click here to join the mailing list.

Now, beading week will be bringing together beaders from all around the world. So, that’s shops, designers, and of course all the beaders. There is loads happening online. You can find details on the official beading week website. I know some of the Facebook groups are getting involved. The Beadworker’s Guild is organising a lot of events, and I will be joining one of their special Zoom Bead-Ins. So, I hope to see some of you there.

If you haven’t already done it, block out 25th July-2nd August, and start making plans to fill it with beading time! I look forward to seeing you.

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