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IBW 2019 is about to start…

IBW 2019 Bead Inspirations contest entry by Dora, Beadflowers, beadwork by Katie Dean

What will you be doing for IBW 2019? (That’s International Beading Week, in case you weren’t sure!). The festivities officially begin tomorrow and last until 4th August. But you’ve probably noticed some events going on already. In fact, if you’ve been following my blog, I’m already seeing some completed boxes from my Beadalong.

It’s fabulous to see so many colour variations and personal interpretations. So, thank you to everyone who has been joining in and sharing their completed work.

You can actually see the completed boxes by following this link: Just scroll down the page until you come to the curriculum, click on the little symbol to open all the modules, then at the bottom, you’ll see the section entitled ‘Show us how you did’, which you can preview for free.

If you feel inspired to join in, you can also enrol there.

IBW 2019 special events

But that’s not the only special event I’m running… Members of my exclusive IBW 2019 mailing list will be getting some treats sent their way during the week.

I have a daily prize drawer, a special sale event, plus some exclusive discounts. So, if you’re not already on the mailing list, use this link to sign up.

And, of course, please remember to pop over and vote for your favourites in the Bead Inspirations competition. I think you’ll agree with me, there are some truly stunning entries. So, please wish me luck in choosing my own winner…at this point, I really don’t know how I’m going to manage it! Curious? Then, follow this link to view the competition.

(In fact, the featured image at the top of this blog is just one of the beautiful entries. I picked it to show here because I think it really embodies the spirit of IBW).

What else is happening?

As an IBW permanent ambassador, I’ve been checking out lots of other events too. So, you can find the full list here.

I think it’s wonderful to see so many events from all around the world. There are events online, events in physical bead stores, competitions, sales, basically a huge celebration of beads and beading. The world can feel like a turbulent place at the moment. So, I feel very lucky to have a beading community and my beads to turn to when I need to take a break and get some perspective.

Anyway, let me know what you’ve got planned in the comments below. I’ll keep this short and just invite you to enjoy some beading!

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