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June 2019 Beading Patterns from Katie Dean

June 2019 beading patterns from Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Yes, another month has flown by, so it’s time to take a look back on my June 2019 beading patterns.

Now, I’ve been taking a bit of time out this month. So, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you’ll get a chance to catch up too! I have also been putting plans in place for International Beading Week, as you will already know if you follow my blog on a regular basis. More on that in a minute…

New June 2019 Beading Patterns

I have three new patterns to share with you this month. The number may be small, but I think I’ve still managed to offer something to appeal to everyone.

If you like beaded boxes, this project is just what you need! Yes, you will still be using Peyote stitch. But I have also branched out to use a little CRAW as well. If that makes you cringe, please don’t… It’s not as tricky as you imagine. Plus, I will be adding a free CRAW course to my online courses next month. So, you’ll be able to get all the help you need if you like the idea of this box.

Click here to get the book beaded box pattern now.


Perhaps beaded boxes aren’t your thing? So, if you want a lovely project for summer, how about some flowers? This Gerbera necklace is a lot of fun to make. You will be bezelling a cabochon, then using Herringbone stitch. So, again, a slightly different technique to try. With this project, I have created my usual PDF pattern. But, for those of you who want a little extra help, I also have an online workshop where I have demonstrated everything on video. So, the idea is to make this project accessible to everyone.

Gerbera Beaded Necklace Pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersClick here to get the Gerbera Necklace pattern


A quick fix!

And, lastly, if you’re more in need of a quick fix, or fancy trying some shaped seed beads, how about this beautiful pendant? It uses a couple of the newer shapes from Potomac beads. So, the pattern tells you more about those. I’ve also included links so you can buy all the materials very easily. And best of all, this is a cheap project to make…

Halo beaded pendant, Katie Dean, Beadflowers, June 2019 beading patternsClick here to get your copy of the pendant pattern


Well, that may be all the June 2019 beading patterns, but that’s not all my beading news…

International Beading Week 2019…

…is fast approaching, and I’m one of the Beading Week Ambassadors. So, it’s my duty to spread the word!

I felt the best way to do that would be through some events to get people beading. So, if you’ve ever been tempted to make a beaded box, but thought you weren’t good enough, or didn’t know where to start, I have the perfect solution. My Beadalong! That’s right, you’ll get personal tuition, video demonstrations and a really cute box. All of this from the comfort of your own home and in your own time. So, click here to find out more and enrol with 25% off!

Bead Inspirations Beading Competition, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

If that’s not for you, then how about a competition? Maybe you could use £50 of beads or patterns? If so, then make sure you’re in it to win it! Click here to find out how to enter>>

And, of course, stay tuned to my blog for more exciting International Beading Week news!

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