IBW 2019 Beading Competition: Bead Inspirations


Welcome to the ‘Bead Inspirations’ IBW 2019 beading competition! How would you like to win £50 to spend on beading goodies? Well, I am inviting all beaders to enter and celebrate IBW 2019.

Two lucky winners will each receive £50 to spend on the Bead Flowers website. So, you might treat yourself to some new beads, some patterns, or perhaps a beading kit or book! Your prize will take the form of £50 worth of loyalty points that you can use to purchase anything from this website over the next year.

But, just in case you feel intimidated by the idea of competing, I’m actually going to be giving a prize to everyone who enters. If you want to find out what it is, you’ll just have to be brave and enter the competition!

Thank you to everyone who has entered and to everyone who is voting and supporting this. I hope you enjoy the work featured here. Please continue to show your support by voting for your favourites.


IBW 2019 Beading Competition Gallery: Vote Here!

Please view all the entries and vote for your favourites. In order to place a vote, just click on the little star icon (and please play fair here…I am monitoring votes, so multiple votes, ie one person repeatedly clicking on the same piece, will be removed before the results are calculated…no cheating allowed!). If you would like to view an image in more detail or add a comment, click on it to see a larger version.

Voting has now closed, but you can see the results at this link.



How do you enter the IBW 2019 beading competition?

This competition is now over, but you can still see the rules which the competitors were invited to follow…

In order to enter, you need to create an original piece of beadwork based on my free IBW beaded needle case pattern.

Once you have the pattern, you need to use it to create something that is unique to you. Now, if you think you can’t design or create on your own, think again! This doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, here are a few ideas to get you started…

  • This could be as simple as making the needle case, but changing the colouring I have used.
  • Maybe you adapt the pattern to fit another beadable object, like a pen, or a letter opener, or something else entirely.
  • Perhaps you repeat the pattern to create a cuff style bracelet.
  • If you want to get complicated, then take a design element, like the lettering or the flowers, and use that as a basis for your own design.

The only real rule is that it must be easy to see the link between your finished beadwork and the original pattern design.

IBW 2019 Beading Competition, original beaded needle case pattern by Katie Dean, Beadflowers

All items entered must be your own original work and not infringe any copyright. Once you have uploaded your photo, it will be reviewed before it appears in the gallery. This normally takes up to 24 hours. If you have any questions, please email beadflowers@btinternet.com.

You can enter any time between now and 4th August 2019. Just bear in mind, if you hope to win the public vote, early entry will give you the best opportunity to gain the most votes.

How will the winners be decided?

One winner will be decided by a public vote. So, once you have added your entry, please invite all your friends and family to view the competition and place their votes.

Voting will close at 11.59pm (BST) on 4th August 2019.

The winner will be the entry with the most unique votes at that time. So, any votes placed after the close won’t be counted. Duplicate votes will be discounted.

I will also be selecting a second winner: my personal favourite. This will be the design that I like most. I will be taking into account the design itself and also how well it has interpreted the brief of taking inspiration from my needle case pattern to create something original.

I will notify both winners via email and award their prizes on or after 5th August 2019.

The prizes for entering will be sent out via email after I’ve verified your entry and posted it in the gallery. The judge’s decision will be final and I do reserve the right to disqualify entries that abuse the system.