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Golden Gift Card A Hoax!

Golden gift card hoax

Did you see the news yesterday? A few social media sites reported that the final golden gift card had been won. Well, I can officially reveal, this was a hoax.

Yes, a beader did step forwards, claiming to have unlocked the final £50 gift card. But, on closer inspection, this proved to be a forgery. Admittedly, the forgers had done an excellent job. So, they very nearly got away with it. But not quite. I can report that the authorities are now interviewing a gang, who had set themselves up as a beading group to cover their tracks.

So, let me set your mind at ease. That final gift card is still out there and it will be won by a genuine and very deserving person.

Charlie’s Golden Ticket

OK, so in Roald Dahl’s book, if you’re familiar with the story, you will know that Charlie believed he had missed out on his big opportunity.

As the readers, we feel sure that Charlie is somehow going to get inside that chocolate factory. In fact, you could say it’s his destiny. But, as with any good story, the hero’s path was not plain sailing.

Having spent the family’s entire savings on a single bar of chocolate…which proved not to contain a golden ticket, Charlie felt that all was lost. At that point, one final ticket remained in circulation. So, perhaps there was still hope?

But then, the rumours that it had been won by a child in Russia, or Japan, or somewhere  far away…

Poor Charlie! It seemed that his dream had been crushed…

Or had it?

Just in case you haven’t yet read the book, or seen the film, I’m not going to spoil things here. You and I both know that Charlie somehow ended up inside Mr Wonka’s factory, but how did that happen?

So, far, all the golden tickets had been won by children who were ‘less than perfect’, shall we say. Charlie had been brought up by a very loving family who had instilled in him a good moral compass. So, will this story prove that sometimes good things do happen to good people?

Your final golden gift card is still out there…

Happily, I have no reason to believe that any of our existing golden gift card winners have been as undeserving as the children in the book. And I’m sure the final golden gift card will also end up in the hands of a good beader.

So, the only question is…will that be you?

Don’t forget about your coupon code… MIKE …and good luck in your quest for that final £50 card.

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