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Final Golden Gift Card Won!

Final golden gift card won

Congratulations to Joanna Rushton who has won the final golden gift card.

I’m sorry if you’ve been playing along and not won this time. But I will do some more themed months and competitions here on the Beadflowers website in future. So, just keep following along.

Thank you also if you’ve been taking my tour of the Beadflowers Chocolate Factory. I will leave it open for you to continue enjoying. Some of the events in there have finished now, but some will remain open for enjoyment at any time. So, if you haven’t taken the tour yet, you can still follow this link to enjoy it now.

What happens now the final golden gift card has gone?

Well, after two months of themed events, I think it might be time to offer you a month to recuperate.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be doing anything. Or rather, it doesn’t mean you won’t be doing anything…

During February, I would like to invite you to participate in a personal challenge. I know several of you have accumulated a lot of patterns via the Advent calendar and now the chocolate factory.

So, it’s time to do a little house-keeping.

I’m challenging you to see…

How many PHDs can you complete in February?

In case you’re not familiar with this beading acronym, don’t panic. I’m not sending you to university or asking you to carry out a big research project. No. In the beading world, a PHD is a Project Half Done.

So, that might be something that is literally sitting on your beading mat staring you in the face. Or it might be something that you’ve shoved in a bag or drawer at some point, planning to complete it ‘another day’.

Then again, it could be a brand new pattern for which you’ve bought the beads, but never got around to starting.

Now, some diligent beaders have very few PHDs in their craft space. But for others, the number of PHDs can easily run in tens, or more.

And if you think about it, all these PHDs are a waste of beads, and something that probably just makes you feel constantly guilty.

Nobody sits down and decides to start collecting PHDs. They somehow just mount up. And because of that, it’s not a question of one day just deciding to clear the PHD pile. I mean, if it was that simple, you’d have cleared your pile ages ago.

So, this month, I’m going to be sharing a system for clearing your PHDs. It’s going to look at, and deal with, the reasons why your projects get into the PHD pile in the first place. Then, I’ll show you how to clear them out and reclaim your beads and your beading space.

If you follow this, by the end of February, you’ll be feeling very smug about yourself…and justifiably so!

How do you follow this challenge?

Well, hopefully while you were looking for that final golden gift card…or any of the other golden gift cards…you got used to checking the Beadflowers website each day.

I’m going to ask you to keep up that habit. Except, I won’t be asking you to check each day (although you can if you want…I’m always happy for you to hang out here!). I’ll be sharing a blog post each week to guide you through your PHD completion process.

If you’re already on my mailing list, you will be getting some reminders via email. But I will also be sharing these blogs on the Beadflowers facebook page. So, you can follow along there.

So, for now, just look out tomorrow (1st Feb) for the first blog post and get ready to get organised…

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