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Beaded Halloween Lantern Competition: Win £50!


How would you like to win £50 to spend on the Beadflowers website or Etsy store? Well, all you have to do is enter my beaded Halloween lantern competition.

Who is eligible to enter?

Anyone who is enrolled on this beaded lanterns online class. If you’re already enrolled, you’re eligible already.

If you’re not currently enrolled, you can enroll today to take part in the competition. Just follow this link to enroll now.

Top tip: Rose Club members can get a 20% discount on all online beading classes. So, if you are a member already, don’t forget to use your discount coupon. If you’re not a member, and want to find out more, follow this link.

What do you have to do?

Simple! You just need to make a special mystery beaded Halloween lantern. I’m going to give you the pattern to follow, and the full lantern instructions are in the online class (which is why you need to be a class member in order to enter this contest).

The pattern features a Halloween scene – a spooky graveyard. I have designed it to fit the rounded lanterns you see in the photos above. These are the lanterns you will be learning to make inside the class.

You need to follow this link to get your pattern chart (yes, there is a tiny fee for the chart). Then, bead your lantern, following the instructions. To enter the competition, you need to send me three photos of your completed lantern.

I will pick the winner based on the following criteria:

  • neat and accurate beading of the lantern
  • good quality photo
  • followed all the instructions and competition rules correctly

The winner will receive a £50 voucher to spend on either the Beadflowers website or the Beadflowers Etsy store (winner’s choice). And the winning photo will be used to promote this new Halloween pattern when I launch it to the rest of the world.

All competition entries will receive a coupon to use on Etsy and the best photos will also be featured on the Beadflowers website.

More Helpful Tips

Now, you’re probably asking what materials you will need for this. Well, you’re going to be working entirely in size 11 Delicas. The Halloween pattern design will need about 11g of crystal and 6g of black Delicas. The main lantern requires about 24g of Delicas in your choice of colour(s).

You will also need beading thread and a standard sized tea light to sit inside your lantern.

You might also be concerned about the photography part. But again, I’ve got you covered with some extra help.

So, if you feel you like you struggle to photograph your beadwork, then you can take this FREE email course. In it, I’m teaching you how to get the lighting and setting right, tips for editing to improve your photos, and more. Once you’re signed up, you will get four emails delivered direct to your inbox, over the course of about 9 days. So, you will have a chance to learn and practice right away. Then, with that, you will be all set to photograph your beaded Halloween lantern when it’s ready.

So, if you want to take the course (remember, it’s completely free!), just use this link to sign up now.

Halloween Beaded Lantern Competition Rules

If you’re liking the sound of this chance to win £50 to spend on beading goodies, then let me share the Halloween beaded lantern competition rules.

  1. All entrants will need to be enrolled on the beaded lanterns online class. So, if you’re not already enrolled on that, you can follow this link to sign up now.
  2. I have put together a competition pack which includes your pattern and any other instructions. You need to purchase your pack by 21st September 2021. You can purchase it at this link.
  3. Once you have the pack, you need to follow the instructions in there and the online class to make and then photograph your Halloween lantern.
  4. All entrants must submit three photos of their lantern by midnight (UK time zone) on Friday 8th October 2021. Photos submitted after that date will be disqualified.
  5. Any entries that have not followed the instructions in the beading pattern will be disqualified.
  6. Any entries that have not followed the exact instructions for the photo brief will also be disqualified.
  7. By submitting three photos to this contest you agree that I (Katie Dean) can use those photos for promotion and marketing purposes on any website and social media accounts that I run. The photo and beadwork will be credited to your name. This applies to all photos submitted, not just the winning photos.

  8. I (Katie Dean) will be judging the winner based on the entry that I feel has most accurately and neatly followed the beading and photography instructions. My decision is final and I will not enter into any disputes.
  9. The winner will receive their choice of a £50 voucher to spend on the Beadflowers website, or £50 to spend in the Beadflowers Etsy store.
  10. All entrants will receive a discount coupon to use on the Beadflowers Etsy store. This coupon will be sent out upon receipt of the photos.
  11. Entries are to be submitted via email, following the instructions given in the competition pack.
  12. The winner will be notified, via email, on Monday 11th October 2021.
  13. I reserve the right to award no prize if none of the entries have followed the instructions and competition rules accurately. So, please make sure you read and follow carefully!

I look forward to seeing your entry. Wishing you good luck and happy beading!

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