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International Beading Week 2021 Countdown: Special Events Announced

International Beading Week 2021, free beading patterns, beadalong, competitions and more from Katie Dean, Beadflowers

It is now just 16 days until International Beading Week 2021 officially begins. How excited are you? Have you claimed any of your free beading patterns yet? And have you enrolled in this very special beadalong?

Well, I am here to tell you how you can get involved in all of this and the special ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ event. If you haven’t got time to read this blog right now, then you can always join this free IBW2021 mailing list and get the news delivered direct to your inbox.

International Beading Week 2021 Events

I am going to be hosting a couple of special events to celebrate International Beading Week 2021.

You may already have heard about (possibly joined) the Bee Hotel beadalong. And I will be giving you an update on that in a moment.

But that is designed to feed your need to bead after IBW is over. So, what about during beading week?

Well, I’m going to be inviting you to follow me ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’…

Follow Katie Dean down the rabbit hole for International Beading Week 2021

I will be hosting this FREE event on the Beadflowers website and Etsy store. If you’ve previously enjoyed my beaded treasure hunt… (Last year…remember how I gave away hundreds of beading patterns for just £1 each?)…

Or if you took part in my Advent Calendar last December… (Remember, those beading treats, competitions, prizes and games every day throughout Advent?)…

Or, even if you just enjoyed the Chocolate Factory back in January…

Then you’ve got some idea of what is in store with this event!

Down the Rabbit Hole

If you haven’t enjoyed any of those events I’ve just mentioned, then let me try and give you a flavour of what is to come.

I’m taking the theme of one of my favourite children’s books, ‘Alice in Wonderland’. And, as beading week commences, I will be inviting you to follow me down the rabbit hole.

We’ll be spending the week enjoying beading treats all themed by Alice’s adventures. (Think playing cards, jam tarts, tea parties, flamingo croquet, mock turtles, Cheshire cats…)

What do I mean by beading treats?

Well you *might* get a few bargain beading patterns. You could enjoy some beaded treasure hunts, and lots of competitions with fabulous beady prizes.

There’s going to be something different happening every day.

How do you join in?

Sadly, International Beading Week 2021 has now come to a close. But if you want to be the first to hear about any new beading events I’m hosting, you can join my mailing list, using this link.


Beaded Tassel Peyote stitch pattern by Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Free Beading Patterns

In addition to my special events, I will be sharing some free beading patterns to celebrate International Beading Week 2021.

And that fun has already begun. I don’t know if you’ve already seen my beaded tassels pattern? Well, I made that because beaded tassels is the official theme for IBW2021. So, if you wish, you can claim a free copy of that tutorial between now and the end of beading week, on August 1st.


Bee Hotel Update

And finally, we have my very special beadalong for this year’s beading week…the Bee Hotel.

What’s so special about it? Well, apart from the fact that it’s an amazing project (and that’s not my view…that’s just what I’ve been told by the beaders who have already joined the beadalong)…

“I am so excited for this project. Getting my beads together for my bees and I plan to work on them this weekend. Thanks for creating such a lovely class for us.”

“I love your saying, ‘to astonish and delight’. It sums this project up perfectly. So excited to start this!”

It’s also a limited edition project. So, that means I’m limiting the number of people who can make this and I will be closing the beadalong on 1st August. So, basically, if you haven’t joined by then, you’ll be missing out.

The lovely group who are already taking part have been witnessing me designing the project, and contributing some brilliant thoughts and ideas to the process. So, if you join now, you can be a part of that.

I will be releasing the tutorial within the beadalong group at the beginning of August and we will all be beading along together after that. So, that means anyone who is a part of this can continue to enjoy beading together after Beading Week has finished.

I’ve set the project up to be as inclusive as possible. In other words, you get to decide when you do your beading. You decide how big your hotel is going to be and what it’s going to look like. Basically, you can tailor all of this to suit your abilities, available time and budget.

Work In Progress…

I’m able to share a few Work In Progress shots with you here, but the fun is really taking place inside the Beadalong. And I’m going to be creating and beading my hotel alongside everyone taking part. Which means nobody is going to get to see the finished project until long after admissions to the beadalong have closed.

If you’re worried about not having the skills to make this, then don’t be. You will be learning with my help, getting a PDF tutorial and also video tuition. So, even if the techniques are new to you, it’s not going to be a problem.

Now, the only remaining question is: are you going to be a part of this amazing project? If you would like to be, then use this link to find out more and enroll now.

I will leave you with that thought. But whatever you decide, I look forward to sharing some part of International Beading Week 2021 with you. And there’s definitely plenty to get excited about!

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