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Launching The Rose Club for Beading Enthusiasts

Launching the rose members club, Katie Dean, Beadflowers


I nearly said ‘addicts’ in that title, but I don’t intend to offend. So, let’s call ourselves ‘enthusiasts’ instead! Anyway, back to the real point of this blog…why am I launching the Rose Club? And what is it?

Why am I launching the Rose Club?

Well, as I run the business side of ‘Beadflowers’ and ‘My World of Beads’, I am motivated by one desire…

…Helping you to enjoy more beading and learn more about beading.

So, I love it when I can come up with a plan that will do that. And I believe the Rose Club is just such a plan. But this plan is aimed at a specific set of beaders…those of you who want to do more beading projects, but are on a budget. What if you could get a lot more patterns, classes and books, AND save money while you were doing so?

So, let me explain…

What is the Rose Club?

This is an exclusive members club. So, it is not going to be for everyone.

I have set it up to help those of you who want to do a lot of projects, but also need to watch your spending. Is that you?

Well, keep reading to find out…

Membership benefits

Members will get the following benefits:

  • 20% off all my online beading classes
  • £2 off every time you shop in my Etsy store
  • £2 off on ten purchases from the Beadflowers website
  • Free shipping on orders over £30
  • 30% discount on EVERY new beading pattern when it launches

You will also be eligible for the other benefits that my ordinary mailing list members get:

  • Free email courses
  • Weekly or Monthly newsletters with helpful beading tips and news about new products

Now, this is not a free club, I’m afraid. But for some people, the small membership price will be well worth it. (And I know that because I’ve been looking at all my customers and found a large number of you who would end up saving money if you were a member).

Membership costs just $2.50 (that’s about £1.60) per month. It is an annual membership, though. So, you will pay one single membership fee of $30 (that’s about £20), then get all the benefits listed for a whole year.

So, that news might have put you off, but don’t run away just yet.

I am fully aware that this club is not going to be for everyone. (After all, that’s the whole point of an ‘exclusive’ club.) But, as I say, my records show me that a lot of you would benefit from this.

So, the big question is are you one of those people? Well, let’s take a closer look to help you decide.

Beadflowers mailing list Rose Club membership

Who should join?

You can decide if this is right for you by thinking about a few simple questions:

  • Have you already taken more than one online class? And are there more that you would like to take?
  • Do you usually buy new beading patterns from me when I launch them?
  • Do you have a lot of my beading patterns on your wish list?
  • Are you a regular shopper in my Etsy store? Or are there projects that you want to buy from there?
  • Do you live outside the UK and have any of my books or kits on your wish list?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then you’re almost certain to end up saving money as a club member. Let’s look at how…

Join the rose club today, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Online class benefits

Your 20% discount on my online classes is going to save you between $2 and $15 per class (depending on the class you choose).

So, if you only take one class per year, then no, this benefit alone isn’t going to be worth joining the club.

But, if you take more than one class per year, then the 20% discount on EVERY class is going to add up.

So, again, it might not be enough on its own, but do you also buy patterns from me?

New Pattern Discounts

Last year (2020) I launched 36 new beading patterns. At a price of between £5 and £26.

So, a 30% discount on a new pattern at that price would be between £1.50 and £7.80.

Again, if you bought just one of my new patterns all year, then Rose club membership isn’t going to be beneficial.

But if you bought several, you could have easily saved more than your membership fee. And, if you are also placing other orders or taking online classes, you’re really winning.

£2 off every order

This one is pretty easy to calculate. If you ordered from my Beadflowers shop or my Etsy store ten times (or more) in the past year, then you would have saved by being a Rose Club member.

To summarise

If you already purchase multiple times from me and across a range of items (i.e., classes, PDF patterns, beads or books), then you are likely to save money by becoming a Rose Club member and enjoying the benefits all year.

But this is not going to be for everyone. So, I’m certainly not pushing anyone to join here.

I am simply launching the rose club to put an offering on the table that will benefit those of you who have a lot of projects on your wish list.

I invite you to think about what you have bought in the past and assess whether it would have been helpful if you had been able to access these savings.

Click here to join the Rose Club today and enjoy more beading for less money


Full disclosure here: I (obviously) have access to your orders. So when I came up with the idea of a members’ club, I analysed your order data (anonymously!) to work out the best way to help you. I have put together this package calculating that a lot of you would really benefit from it. So, although I may not know exactly which of you would benefit, this is not just a ‘random’ thing… I put some real thought into launching the Rose members club.

So, I hope you will be one of those who benefits and enjoys more beading projects for less money!

Even if you don’t want this club membership, you can still enjoy some free email courses as a regular mailing list member, so click here to find out more about that.

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