Shibori Silk Flowers Necklace Pattern


For this project you will need Shibori Silk, delica beads, Dome beads and O beads. The necklace has two variations, one of which is made without the Shibori Silk. Both variations include a beaded clasp. Suitable for more experienced beaders.

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About Shibori Silk Flowers Necklace

This is an asymmetric necklace that combines a strip of Shibori Silk with various floral themed beaded components. The colouring for the necklace is taken from the Shibori Silk. If this is a material you have not previously used, it is beautiful to work with.

It is, as you would expect, a form of Silk that has been ‘crinkled’ (not a technical term, but a great description!). Then dyed in such a way that the colours blend seamlessly one to the other. It became popular for beading projects a few years ago and is often used in Bead embroidery.

I just love the look and feel of it. But I wanted to find something a bit different to do with the material. For me, the natural look of Shibori Silk is a statement on its own. I wanted to find a way of using a significant piece of it so that it would show the colouring and the way in which it falls in soft folds.

Now, Shibori Silk will snag very easily if you are working with rough hands or using a needle that is slightly rough. This design requires minimal stitching through the silk, so it reduces the risk of damaging the material as you work.

Materials and Techniques

I combined the Shibori Silk with a floral motif made using a Dome bead, seed beads and O beads. The components are all linked with a simple beaded structure. So you are going to be using a combination of different bead-weaving techniques, including Peyote and herringbone.

The techniques used are all intermediate level. But this requires some skill to assemble the necklace and it is a lengthy project when it comes to making all the components. The instructions include an alternative variation that is a little quicker to make and doesn’t use the Shibori Silk. It still maintains the ideas on colouring and the asymmetric style of the original design.

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