Beaded Lantern Ornaments, Online Beading Class with Katie Dean

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Learn how to make beaded lantern ornaments in this amazing online beading class. If you’re ready to get started right away, just use this link to access the class on the Teachable platform. If you need a little more information first, then read on…

About the beaded lantern ornaments

These lanterns are made entirely in Peyote stitch. You will be using size 11 Delica beads. This project is suitable for intermediate beaders. However, if you’re an adventurous beginner, you can also give this a try.

The lanterns are all sized to fit a tea light. I’ve given you full details of the lights I used, so you can use the same. They have a lovely warm, flickering bulb. So, this makes them look exactly like real candles. But you won’t risk damaging your beads.

Because I’ve launched this class in the run-up to Christmas, my initial lantern designs have all had festive themes. But you will see me adding more designs for different occasions. So, look out for Valentine’s Hallowe’en, and designs to mark special occasions.

How does the online class work?

You’re going to be learning how to make your beaded lantern ornaments in an online class setting. However, this class is ongoing. So, you don’t have to be there at a specific time.

You can enroll whenever you’re ready. Then, start beading at any time. Work through everything at your own pace. So, you might complete your lantern in a long beading session. Or, you might choose to do it in small amounts, whenever you have some time.

Once you’re enrolled,  you’ll get life-time access to the class. So, you can review the lessons at any time now, or in future.

The class will give you a downloadable PDF tutorial with complete step-by-step instructions. You then get to choose which lantern design(s) you make. So, you can make just one, or make the entire collection. You will also get to hear whenever I release new designs. And the class will give you access to those as well.

If you want to take a look at the current design options before you begin, you can use this link.

In addition to the PDF, I have demonstrated all the techniques on video. So, even if you’re not a very experienced beader, you can use the videos to learn. If you pop over to the enrollment page, you can view some of the videos for free before you start. So, that will help you decide if the class is suitable for you.

Within the class, you can also talk to other students who are enrolled. And, if you should happen to get stuck, you can ask me for help.

So, if all that sounds good, use this link to enroll on the beaded lantern ornaments class right now.