How To Start Brick Stitch: Free Tutorial


This free tutorial shows you two methods for starting brick stitch. Please read the full product description for more details. I have put all my teaching and beading experience into creating this great tutorial for you. It took me a few hours to write up. I am very happy for you to benefit from it for free. However, if you would like to support my work, so I can bring you more great beading projects, you also have the choice to do that by making a voluntary donation. Thank you!


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What is Brick Stitch?

Brick stitch is a common beading technique that can be used to create flat work or shaped objects. This free tutorial focuses on how to start brick stitch. If you have ever tried the technique, the start can be a little tricky. I am going to show you two alternative methods, one of which I think is easier than the other.

Before I move on to that, if you have never come across brick stitch before, you will also want to download this free tutorial. It explains all aspects of the basic technique. If you are specifically interested in tubular and circular brick stitch, I have a separate free tutorials for those. I also have another tutorial covering the technique for shaping flat brick stitch. So, have a browse through all the free tutorials on here and download what you need.

How to Start Brick Stitch

Most books and tutors use one method when they show you how to start brick stitch. This is in fact a separate beading technique, called ladder stitch. It allows you to create a string of beads that is set up in the way you will need for your first brick stitch row. It’s an easy technique, but it can be a little fiddly. It also means the first row is a bit unstable to begin with. So, I think it is very easy to make mistakes when you then go to add the second row.

This free tutorial does show you how to start brick stitch using the ladder stitch technique. But, I also wanted to show you another method that I use more often. This method lets you bead both the first and second rows at the same time. This is done in a really simple Peyote stitch variation. So, when you then come to start working in brick stitch, you will have a much more stable base.

This free tutorial also includes a little flat pattern that you can make to try out this new starting technique. If you enjoy this, then you can find all my other brick stitch patterns right here.

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