Beading Design Planner


Do you have beading ideas? This free worksheet will help you to:

  • plan the basics for each idea
  • evaluate your plan to decide what to do next
  • let you see if you need to learn more before trying your idea
  • save you from wasting time on ideas that won’t work
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Are you an aspiring designer? Then you need this beading design planner. This is an actual tool that I use when I am coming up with new designs.

What is the beading design planner for?

This is a specially designed sheet that you can use to evaluate your ideas before you start beading. So, this will allow you to plan the idea and determine whether it is going to be viable.

It saves you from having to waste time trying things that are never going to work.

Plus, it will give you a great plan to work from. So, you are no longer going to be fumbling in the dark wondering where to start.

How does the beading design planner work?

The beading design planner is really simple to use. You start by jotting down your ideas. They can be as abstract as you like.

Then, the planner gives you a series of questions to answer about each idea. The answers you give will help you to refine the basics, like colouring, technique and bead choices.

Finally, the planner takes you through a little exercise to help you decide whether or not your idea is viable. This is hugely helpful as it can save you from hours of wasted time trying out things that will never work.

So, this immediately helps you to determine what happens next. Maybe your idea is great and you are ready to start working on it today.

Or perhaps there are a few things you need to learn first (like a new technique). So, you can put all the notes to one side and come back to this idea when you have mastered the new technique.

Maybe the idea just won’t work. That’s ok – you’ve determined that within a matter of minutes, instead of spending hours getting frustrated with the beads.

Who should use the beading design planner?

Basically, anyone who wants to create their own beading design. You don’t have to plan on writing up the pattern or selling the design. Maybe you just enjoy creating for yourself.

So, whatever your motivation, this planning sheet will help you to design better and more efficiently.


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