Beaded Spiral Rope: My World of Beads Booklet


This booklet introduces you to five different beaded spiral ropes: Spiral Staircase, Russian Spiral, Herringbone Spiral, Peyote Spiral and Cellini Spiral. Alongside the instructions, you will get ideas for variations and design.

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Beaded Spiral Rope Patterns

This booklet is part of the My World of Beads series focusing on different beading techniques. In this one, I look at beaded spiral rope designs. The booklet gives you tutorials for five different beaded spiral rope techniques, working from beginner to more advanced. It begins with Spiral Staircase, moves on to Russian Spiral, then Herringbone Spiral, Peyote Spiral and finishes with Cellini Spiral.

For each technique you will learn the basic technique, then I talk about different ideas for variations. There is also a page of inspiration showing different patterns and designs using variations of these beaded spiral ropes.

What’s in the book?

Spiral Staircase was one of the first stitches I learned and is a brilliant introduction to beaded spiral ropes. It has many variations and is perfect either as a complete necklace or bracelet, or to suspend a pendant or focal section.

For anyone who is not familiar with the Russian spiral, it is basically a form of netted tube, so it works up very quickly. It can also be varied with lots of different bead combinations, some of which I talk about and show in this booklet.

Herringbone Spiral and Peyote Spiral are also beaded ropes that I love using. They can be created with all sorts of different bead types. Again, I show you some samples and talk about a lot of different ideas.

Lastly, the famous Cellini spiral beaded rope. This is in fact a Peyote spiral, but it has a distinctive quality. It uses a mixture of different bead sizes that give a beautiful textured look that is very impressive. It is also very versatile – I show you how I have used this for anything from cream in some of my food designs, to statement spiral necklaces.

After reading this booklet, you will have a beaded spiral rope for literally any occasion. Don’t forget, you can find out more about this and other beading techniques at the My World of Beads Website. You may also like the other titles in this booklet series: Focus on Peyote, Focus on Netting and Focus on Basic Jewellery Making.

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