Beading Ebooks

These beading ebooks were all originally published by Vivebooks. They are available in two formats. They have now become online classes and beading courses. On this website, I just link to the online course.

About these beading ebooks

When I mention ebooks, most people think of a text and image book that they can read on a computer or kindle type device. In fact these ebooks are electronic for the very good reason that they include video demonstrations of the beading techniques and projects. So, they cannot be published as print books, or the video would be lost.

However, you can print out the pages. So, if you prefer to read from printed paper, just print the pages and then add them to a folder and you have your own spiral bound book!

The same remains true of the online course format. You will receive instruction via video demonstration and written PDFs that you can download and print out. Plus you will be able to ask me questions and get personalised help if you need it.

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Showing all 7 results