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Beaded Beads for International Beading Week 2020

Superduo beaded beads for International Beading Week 2020

A few days ago, I began announcing my plans for the biggest beading event of 2020. Well, here is news of my second project. Introducing my superduo beaded beads for International Beading Week 2020!

This is going to be an online class. So, you get a PDF tutorial, packed with instructions and diagrams to show you the thread paths. In addition, I’ve filmed every step of the way. So, you can also watch me making one of these beaded beads.

As with all my video classes, I break everything down into bite-sized chunks. So, you only have to watch a row at a time, which means you can fully concentrate on the video, and also bead along with me.

Superduo beaded beads international beading week 2020 project by Katie Dean Beadflowers

What do you need to know about the project?

This is an intermediate level project. But if you’re a more advanced beader, you can still enjoy this. It takes about 20 minutes to make each beaded bead, so it’s a fun quick make.

Again, if you’re less experienced, but willing to learn, you can give this a go. After all, you’ve got demonstrations as well as a pattern to follow. You just need to be prepared to employ a little problem solving and common sense if you get stuck.

Each of my beaded beads for International Beading Week is made with just superduos and size 11 seed beads. So, I doubt you’ll need to buy any supplies for this. In fact, it’s a brilliant way of using up leftover beads.

As you’ll see in the class, you can use all sorts of colour combinations. So, not only does this create a lovely effect, it’s also a great stash-buster!

You’ll be using a simple thread path. Yes, this is a bead-weaving project. So, you will want your favourite beading thread – something to give you good tension.

And, after I’ve shown you how to make the beaded beads, I’ll be teaching you how to string them into this necklace.

How do you join the beaded beads for International Beading Week class?

I will be launching this online class at the start of International Beading Week 2020 (that’s 25th July if the date isn’t already in your diary!). But, I *may* have the opportunity for you to register in advance and save a bit of money. Yes, like last year, I’m planning a few early bird offers.

So, if you want to hear about those, please make sure you are on my mailing list. If you’re not already a member, then click here to sign up now.

I’m also running a prize draw at the moment. The lucky winner of that will get all my IBW2020 beading projects for free. So, that’s the first project that I revealed a few days ago, AND this project, plus anything else I might be adding…

If that sounds good to you, then click this link to find out how to enter the prize draw. Good luck!

Next week, I will be giving you more critical information about these events, including more about the materials you will need. So, stay tuned!

(And if you need to know more about the events for this year’s International Beading Week, check out the official website here.)

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  1. Can you please tell me what bead is used for these. A twin, a super duo, etc. I want to look for IBW colors in this bead for part of my two year long project!

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