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Seed Bead Patterns: Jewellery Maker TV

Superduo Spiral Bracelet

Right now I should be preparing for an early night, making sure I have everything ready for my second scheduled Jewellery Maker TV show tomorrow morning. I am preparing for an early night, but it’s not for such a good reason. I’ve been struggling with a bad ME/CFS crash for about a month now. Last weekend I thought I was beginning to get past it and I had cleared my diary for this week so that I could maximise my energy ready for the show. Sadly, I woke up Tuesday morning with a throat infection: it’s not uncommon for an ME/CFS crash to bring me so low that I start picking up all sorts of viruses, but the timing could not have been worse! I had already been working on my seed bead patterns for the show. I had a brilliant theme, which if you’ve been looking at the scheduling, you will know is, ‘A Day at the Races.’ The kits that Jewellery Maker had sent me are fantastic and have been really exciting to work with. Plus I was looking forward to getting back into the TV Studio, so to say all this is disappointing is a huge understatement. Jewellery Maker have been brilliant and there will be someone to step into the breach tomorrow. I was also able to get the jewellery I’ve been making over to the studios, so I hope that will at least put in an appearance, even if I’m not there as well! I will also write a blog about the making process, so you will be able to read the stories and ideas behind the designs that I came up with, but I will save those seed bead patterns until tomorrow as I don’t want to spoil the surprise of the show. Meantime, my throat is improving, although my energy has yet to put in a reappearance, but I’ll keep working on that…and I do have some better news for you all, so read on!

Seed Bead Patterns from the Seed Bead Launch Show

A big thank you to everyone who watched my first Jewellery Maker show back in May on the big Seed Bead launch day. If you missed it, I think it should still be available on YouTube and you can find the link, along with a blog about my experience on this occasion here. If you watched the show, then you will know that I created several pieces of jewellery with the lovely seed bead and pearl kits that Jewellery Maker sent to me. In addition, I created a few other pieces with some of the other seed beads that were being launched that day. I was able to demonstrate one of the seed bead patterns on the show, but if you liked the look of any of the others, I thought I would put this post together to link to them. All the seed bead patterns are available either from Jewellery Maker, or from me here, so just follow on down to spot the designs you like and then if you follow the links, you will be able to get all the information about them. Of course, if you have any questions, you’re very welcome to get in touch. For the moment, I’m off to rest up and recuperate a bit more. But I will be tuning in tomorrow to watch the show and if you want to find out about what I made, then pop back here to my blog after the show and I will share all! Remember, you can also follow me on Facebook for more Jewellery Maker news.

Links to the Seed Bead Patterns

If you like the look of the Superduo spiral bracelet featured above, you can find the pattern here. It’s a project that is suitable for anyone with a bit of experience.

If you fancy an easier Superduo pattern, then the Ruffle Bracelet can be found here. This uses True2 beads along with the Superduos. I made another more advanced True2 necklace and the pattern for that has been purchased by Jewellery Maker, so will be available through them.

On the show, you may remember seeing the party-time necklace and the little parcel earrings. Both of those patterns are going to be available direct through Jewellery Maker.

Moving on down below, the tubular netted necklace is available here. It’s a nice simple technique, but the results look a lot more complicated. Another very basic project is the Seafoam bracelet, which uses a basic technique called Wave Stitch. You can find that pattern here. If earrings are more your thing, then the Kite earrings are a slightly more challenging project, but a lot of fun to make.

To get more challenging still, the Right Angle Weave collar is a classy piece of jewellery and, because of the design that incorporates the chain, it won’t take too long to make. For an easier necklace option, you might like the Peyote stitch diamonds, or as I named it, ‘Pearl Pods’ necklace – it’s perfect for beginners and you can find the pattern here.

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