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Gemma Crow, Beadsmith, Jewellery Maker, Thank you!

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This week is Jewellery Maker’s birthday celebration. Sadly, I’m not going to be able to take part in a show myself. Happily, though, my beads are going to be representing me! To be precise, Gemma Crow will be presenting a kit that I designed for the Beadsmith. The fabulous Leslie Rogalski, from the Beadsmith, is also making a special guest appearance. She will be showing some gorgeous designs by talented fellow Beadsmith Inspiration Squaddies.

On top of all that, another of my designs has been featured in a special booklet. This is going to be launched on Jewellery Maker’s actual birthday tomorrow (4th May). I can’t share the design. It’s a surprise! So, make sure you tune in to see it. You can find the full schedule for this week right here.

What will Gemma Crow be doing?

Before I tell you that, let me say a huge thank you to Gemma. It’s not easy demonstrating a kit that someone else has designed. However, if you know Gemma Crow, you will know how super-talented she is. So, I couldn’t ask for anyone better to do this.

Gemma is going to be showing my Superduo Duet bangle. I know she has been learning the tutorial for a while. I designed this project as part of my work for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. Confession time…this design was not one that ‘just worked’. So, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this bangle! I love it now.

This bangle has also taken on a little life of its own. It has also appeared on Jewel TV in the USA. So, you could say it’s gaining celebrity status!

More Fabulous Projects

Superduo Duet Herringbone BraceletWhen you see both my projects revealed, you will notice a bit of a ‘theme’. I’ve been making good use of the new Superduo Duets. If you’re wondering what these are, then take a look at my other projects. I have a kit, some patterns and the beads themselves. You can find them all right here! I know I will be making more jewellery with these beads. So, stay tuned! Plus, if you want to be the first to hear about new patterns, you can join my mailing list.

However, those weren’t the fabulous projects I wanted to talk about. I’ve also had a sneak peek at the designs that Leslie Rogalski is going to be showcasing. There’s some serious gorgeousness in there! I’m afraid I can’t spoil the surprise and share them with you now. So, all I’m going to say is…make sure you tune in tomorrow and Friday.

7 thoughts on “Gemma Crow, Beadsmith, Jewellery Maker, Thank you!

  1. Oh i have got to find the show where your bangle is shown, it is so pretty, i am looking forward to it since i saw the first picture.

    1. Thank you! The link to watch it back on YouTube is here: and I have to say a huge thank you to Gemma Crow for her fantastic demo (it starts at the 2pm hour on the video!)

      1. Thank you so much for the link Katie! I did one half of the bangle, now i have a break and carry on tomorrow.
        Which thread do you recommend? I done it with fireline 0,15mm so far and broke it twice, got to be more careful. And i might try nylon thread as well.
        Interesting show, my ears are buzzing , i was watching lots while beading the bangle.

        Acutally i wanted to bead the easter chicken and lime necklace since days, but always something else catches my attention :-D.

        1. I actually used 4lb Fireline for mine and had no problems. I know that thread is a very personal choice. I would be cautious about using nylon thread for this project because the nylon thread has a natural stretch in it. For the bangle to keep its solid shape, you need really firm tension and if the thread then stretches later, it might cause problems. But, I haven’t tried it myself. I’m always keen to encourage experiments, so if you do try the nylon thread, let me know how it goes! Thanks for writing 🙂

          1. Almost done with the second bangle, no problem with breaking the thread this time. I think i have/had some very sharp bead edges in the first bangle or i have been too roughty toughty with my thread, because the second one goes smooth so far and i use the same 0.15mm fireline, i am never sure with the lb-numbers, i guess it is 8lb. I still want to try nylon, if i get through the beads with 0,20 or 0,25mm. i had good long lasting results with sharp chinese rondelle beads in one of my latest projects. I will let you know how it worked out.
            Happy beading 🙂

          2. I’m so pleased to hear that 🙂 I must confess, I usually find that fireline is better for sharp-edged beads. But everyone has different experiences. I know really experienced beaders who just don’t get on with Fireline. I’ve even heard of people breaking fireline when they knot it – something I’ve never managed to do! So, I always say, just keep trying things out and find what works for you. It’s always good to read tips and advice from other people, but beading is very personal. So, what works for one doesn’t always work for all!

  2. Now i am finished with trying out threads and lb’s. I get along much better with the nylon thread.

    Oh yes and i am one of those who break fireline when they knot it :), but it depends in which design i do it, for example i don’t do a knot at sharp beads anymore, and i got an advice from another beader, simply not to knot at all if possible and just sew/weave the thread in the beads well, because the fireline is quite sharp itself and cut itself if moved a lot, i have done a bit of an investigation on my jewellery and it was as she said, so i avoid it know.

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