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Do you like chocolate or candy?

Do you like chocolates or candy? If you said yes, then join Katie Dean at Beadflowers website

Do you like chocolate or candy? If you do, then there’s every chance you’re going to want to join me in January. And, let me share the best bit about this invitation… All the chocolate and candy I’m inviting you to enjoy, is completely calorie-free!

So, are you in?

Maybe I should explain a little more before you answer that second question…

Beaded Chocolates, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Why am I asking, ‘do you like chocolate or candy?’

You see, the beaded Advent extravaganza has been so much fun. I put it together to try and brighten life, since the reality of our situation seems pretty dark right now. Much as we would love everything to magically change as a new year opens its doors, I don’t think that’s going to happen immediately.

January can be a pretty tough month anyway. (At least for us in the northern hemisphere). The days are still cold and dark, but the light of Christmas has passed. Spring may feel a little way off.

So, I thought, why not counter all of that gloom and doom with another party?

And what inspired me? One of my favourite children’s books, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Written by Roald Dahl, this delightful book was published in 1964. It swiftly became a favourite for both children and adults alike. It has been turned into films, musicals, even an opera! So, I’m hoping that it is a book or a story that you have come across at some point. If you haven’t, then you can find out a lot more about it here on the official Roald Dahl website.

So, what on earth has that got to do with beads? Well, if you know my beadwork, then you’ll know I’ve already created a lot of beading patterns themed around chocolate, candy and cake. (If you don’t know my beadwork, then this link will enlighten you!)

I’ve decided to marry these two ideas to run a month themed around chocolate and candy. The central point of this celebration will be five golden vouchers. Willy Wonka opened the doors to his chocolate factory to just five lucky winners. He chose them at random by issuing five golden tickets hidden inside his chocolate bars…

Liquorice Allsorts Pattern Bracelet

How can you join in?

I’m going to be doing something very similar. I have already concealed five golden vouchers on my website. Each voucher is a £50 gift card. So, five lucky people, during January, are going to win a £50 gift card to spend on the Beadflowers site.

How do you find these gift cards? Well, come back here to the blog on 1st January and I will reveal everything when I throw open the doors of my beaded chocolate factory.

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