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Christmas Jumper Day (Beaded)…

Christmas Jumper Day, Beaded Christmas Jumper, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Here in the UK, it is Christmas Jumper Day (Friday 14th December 2018).

Before I explain that, let me just clarify for some of my international followers. You may not be familiar with the term ‘jumper’. Or you may know it, but as something different. It is a ‘sweater’. So, if you prefer, we are about to celebrate ‘Christmas Sweater Day’!

Beaded Christmas Jumper Tree Decoration, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

What is Christmas Jumper Day?

This is a charitable initiative by Save the Children. If you are organised ahead of time, you can get a fundraising pack full of ideas.

If you haven’t been organised, you can still join in!

The idea is to wear a Christmas Jumper to work or school and donate £2 to the charity. The money raised will be spent on projects to help less fortunate children around the world.

I was just reading about some of the projects that will benefit this year. And I now know that just £2 will provide a life-saving pneumonia vaccination for a child in the developing world.

Rather than me regaling you with facts and figures second hand, why not take a look for yourself, here?>>

Why am I talking about Christmas Jumper Day?

Well, let me take you back to the heat of the summer, when the whole idea of any kind of jumper/sweater seemed crazy. I received an email from a lady at The Malthouse Beaders. She was writing to ask me for some help with a charitable event…

Every year our beading group, The Malthouse Beaders, supports different charities. We do the Jean Powers secret Bead-alongs for the MS Trust. We donate completed pieces to local school fundraisers, do make and takes for MacMillan. Plus other ongoing beading that supports charity. We have a local lad that does much charity work and we make simple things for him as giveaways to thank donors.
Your pattern for the beaded Christmas jumper has inspired me. So, I wanted to ask you for a favour. December 21 is Ugly Christmas Jumper Day, which is generally used for fundraising for children’s charities. Would you consider allowing the beading group to make this pattern for a £6 donation per beader to a children’s charity? Then for each one made from the pattern, we make a second to be donated to a fundraiser raffle for the local school fete. We usually ask anyone who has made one of our donation charity patterns and intends to sell them, to donate a portion of any sales to charity. As always, credit is given to the designer.
Of course I said ‘yes’!
Beaded Christmas Jumper Tree Decoration Pattern, Katie Dean, Beadflowers
But this also set me thinking…what could I do along this theme?
So, this year, I decided to donate a portion of the Beaded Christmas Jumper sales to the Christmas Jumper Day campaign. And I think I will try to make this a regular ‘thing’ each year as long as the pattern continues to sell.

How can you help?

Well, if you’ve already purchased a pattern, I’ve just made a donation on your behalf…effectively!

But if you also want to donate something yourself, you can follow this link>>

I’m off to make some more beaded Christmas jumpers as I’ve only managed to decorate about a quarter of my little Christmas tree so far! Wish me luck getting the rest done before Christmas…

Christmas Jumper Day, Beaded Christmas Jumper, Katie Dean, Beadflowers


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