Halo Beaded Pendant Pattern


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This Halo beaded pendant pattern uses simple techniques and is quick to make. You can buy all the materials from one bead shop, saving you time and money: this is the bead shop.


To make your Halo beaded pendant, you will need the following materials:

  • 18mm round Lunasoft Cabochon
  • 3g size 11 Delicas
  • 1g size 15 seed beads (or delicas)
  • 28 Tubelets (this is less than 1 pack)
  • 9 Halo beads, 6.5mm x 3.5mm
  • 9 DiscDuo beads
  • Your choice of beading thread

So, you can find all these materials here, from Potomac Beads. Nice and simple to shop for everything!

In the pattern, I have given you the colours I used: olive cabochon and then shades of gold and copper for the other beads. But this will work with any colouring, so you can choose your own.

Start by selecting a cabochon, then pick beads that will tone with it.

Experience and Techniques

You will be using basic bead-weaving techniques. This project uses a combination, but I have included detailed instructions and diagrams, so there is nothing difficult about any of this.

You can also access this free online course to see how to bezel your cabochon, with me demonstrating on video.

So, I recommend this project for intermediate beaders.

About the Halo Beaded Pendant

I was given the opportunity to try out some of the new Potomac exclusive bead shapes. So, this is my first project using Tubelets and Halo beads.

The Halo beads are basically circles of metal with two holes through them. So, you can use them to create an edging for DiscDuo beads. Or you could fit other small seed beads, or round beads inside the circle. They give a lovely extra dimension to projects, so I liked them.

The Tubelets are an innovation in bugle beads. So, these are literally fatter bugles, with softer ends. Bugle beads have been popular for years, so they’re not a new bead shape. However, the traditional bugles often have sharp edges. So, they can cut your thread in projects. That puts a lot of people off. The Tubelets are designed to prevent this. So, they have slightly thicker ‘walls’ making it possible to round the ends and stop them cutting thread.

Personally, I think this is an excellent innovation. So, this project just uses a few. You can invest in just one tube and see how you like them before trying more.

The finished size of this pendant is about 3″ (7cm). So, it feels lovely to wear. The beads have some movement and it is a very tactile design, which I hope you will like.