Peyote Stitch Charts for Beaded Chocolates


This free download is a companion to a YouTube video I put together to help you to create your own beaded chocolates. I have put all my teaching and beading experience into creating this worksheet and video for you. It took me several hours to create. I am very happy for you to benefit from it for free. However, if you would like to support my work, so I can bring you more great beading projects, you also have the choice to do that by making a voluntary donation. Thank you!


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This free download worksheet is designed to accompany this YouTube video. So, it will just give you a couple of Peyote stitch charts for beaded chocolates. You will use these to design the top pattern.

The video shows you how to use these, so make sure you check that out as well.

About the peyote stitch charts for beaded chocolates

When I first made my beaded chocolates for my chocolate box, I wanted to include some different designs. Think of these as the flavours you would find in a real box of chocolates.

I included some round and some square shaped chocolates. In order to create the designs, I needed to use peyote pattern charts. So, I had to have a chart for the round (hexagon) shape and another for the square. I was then able to colour in the beads on the charts. This calculated the placement for me to use to stitch the design.

So, here, I’m giving you the actual blank charts that I used myself.

These will allow you to design the flat top of the chocolate. Naturally, you can then take the design down the sides if you wish. Just continue working it into your tubular Peyote sides.

I’ve also included a few tips to help you as you put your designs together.

Now, this is really for more advanced beaders. The first step to any design is understanding the techniques you’re using. So, if you don’t yet feel confident working in circular and square Peyote, you should first master those skills. You can use this tutorial to do that.

Once you understand the technique, it will then be a case of charting your design and following that pattern chart to make your chocolates. Again, following Peyote pattern charts is a skill in itself. So, if you don’t yet know how to do that, then this online class will teach you everything you need to know.

And, if all of that is simply too advanced for you at present, you can always check out my existing patterns. I have some beaded chocolate projects that you can just enjoy right now.

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