Free Brick Stitch Tutorial: Tubes and Circles


Before you use this tutorial you should be familiar with the techniques for basic brick stitch and also for making increases and decreases in brick stitch. I have put all my teaching and beading experience into creating this great tutorial for you. It took me a few hours to write up. I am very happy for you to benefit from it for free. However, if you would like to support my work, so I can bring you more great beading projects, you also have the choice to do that by making a voluntary donation. Thank you!


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If you have already mastered basic brick stitch and worked out how to make increases and decreases, then you are ready to move on to creating circles and tubes. This free brick stitch tutorial shows you how!

About This Free Brick Stitch Tutorial

This free brick stitch tutorial assumes that you already know how to work in basic, straight brick stitch. If you feel need more practice in that technique, then you can find another free brick stitch tutorial dealing with that right here. This tutorial also assumes that you understand how to increase in brick stitch. So if this is not the case, check out this free tutorial.

Right, now you’ve covered the basics, you’re ready to move on to tubes and circles. The free brick stitch tutorial you are about to download includes three sections. In the first section you will receive detailed instructions, accompanied by diagrams, to show you how to construct a basic brick stitch tube. If you’re interested in getting  a little more fancy, you might like to try the earrings tutorial from the photo – you can find that here!

In the second section you will learn all about circular brick stitch. Again, comprehensive diagrams and instructions take you through the basic technique. You will learn two different ways of starting a brick stitch circle. If you are interested in trying out another pattern to test your skills, then these iced bun earrings are just the thing!

The final section in the free brick stitch tutorial talks about a few experiments you can try with tubular and circular variations. So if you are interested in designing your own projects, these ideas will give you a place to start.

Brick stitch can be a rather un-loved and under-used technique. So I hope this will inspire you to understand more about its potential and grow to love the stitch!

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