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Beadflowers Advent Extravaganza 2020

Beadflowers Advent extravaganza, 2020, with Katie Dean

Today is the big day… The Beadflowers Advent Extravaganza 2020 is open for your enjoyment! So, let me explain what it is and how you can join in…

How do you take part in the Beadflowers Advent Extravaganza?

It’s very simple…

Below, I’ve given you 24 images – the windows to your Advent calendar. In order to open the window, you just need to click on the image. You’ll find yourself magically transported through my website to your treat for that day.

Naturally, you won’t be able to open all the windows at once! You’ll need to wait for the date, then you can open that window. But once you have opened a window, you will be able to go through it again at any time.

Now, behind each window you’re going to find a little treat.

It will be something different each day. So, sometimes you may just find yourself gifted with a beading pattern immediately. Some days you’ll have to ‘earn’ your gift by solving a puzzle.

You’re also going to find that some gifts are available to enjoy throughout Advent. However, others will only be there to enjoy for a day. So, make sure you check back every single day to be sure you don’t miss out on anything. (If you follow my Facebook page, you’ll automatically see the reminders pop up in your news-feed each day.)

Every window also displays one of my Christmas beading projects. So, remember to check those out each day as well…you could get a little extra surprise if you do!

Your first window is all ready to open. So, click on it and see where it takes you… Then, don’t forget to come back each day and open a new window!

(NOTE: this may not work on some smartphones or ipads, so if you are using a device like that, and experiencing problems, please use a computer or laptop to open your Advent calendar).

1st December Beadflowers Advent Extravaganza 2020


2nd December, Advent Calendar 2020


Beadflowers Advent Extravaganza, 2020. 3rd December


Beadflowers Advent Even 2020, Katie Dean


5th December 2020, Beadflowers


Beadflowers Advent Extravaganza, 6th December 2020


7th December Advent Calendar, Katie Dean, Beadflowers


Advent window day 8, Katie Dean, Beadflowers


Beadflowers Advent Extravaganza, 9th December 2020


10th December Advent calendar, Katie Dean


Beadflowers Advent Extravaganza, 11th December 2020


12th December 2020, Katie Dean, Advent Calendar


13th December 2020, Advent event by Katie Dean


Katie Dean Advent event 2020, 14th December


Beadflowers Advent Extravaganza, 15th December 2020, with Katie Dean


16th December 2020, Katie Dean Advent


17th December 2020, Katie Dean


18th December 2020, Advent with Katie Dean


19th December 2020, beaded Advent


20th December 2020, Katie Dean beading


21st December 2020, Katie Dean, beading


22nd December 2020, Katie Dean Advent event


23rd December 2020, Katie Dean


24th December 2020

You made it…! Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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