The¬†books in this section¬†have been written by Katie Dean. Some are ebooks, sold on CD-Rom or available for download and some are traditional print. Please be sure to read the full product description to ensure that you know which you are buying. If you are purchasing ebooks, then you will be buying the CD-Rom version from here. If you are looking for an automatic download, the product page will link to the publisher’s website. Just take care to follow the instructions carefully. The print books cover a range of sizes, so some are magazine-style booklets that focus on specific techniques. Other print books give a comprehensive set of projects around a particular theme. Katie has plans to publish more titles in future, so if you would like to be the first to hear about this, then please join the mailing list. If you are a publisher who wishes to work with Katie, please get in contact and she will be very happy to discuss plans.

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