Books published by Katie Dean can be purchased here. More information about each title can be found on the individual product page. Katie has published a range of print books and ebooks, working with Vivebooks and Blurb self-publishing. Katie’s books are sold independently, so although you may find copies on Amazon, you are guaranteed to pay lower prices for new books if you buy direct from here. Some of the books are available in a choice of ebook or print format, some are ebook only and some are print only. You can access automatic downloads of the ebooks from their individual product pages. The ebooks work across all platforms and the ebook-only formats include video demonstrations of beading techniques.

All of Katie’s beading books are clearly written and illustrated with diagrams to show bead-weaving thread paths or French beading structures, along with photos illustrating finished projects. These books have all received excellent reviews in top beading magazines, including Bead and Button, Beadwork Magazine, The Beadworker’s Guild Journal and Bead Magazine, as well as on independent blogs.

Katie is currently working on two more titles. The first, a sequel to her successful Bead Flowers and Wedding Bouquets, will focus on more advanced French Beading techniques, introducing new flower patterns and looking at using these to create beaded corsages. The second book is and a new set of bead-weaving projects for creating personalised miniature beaded greetings cards. Both titles are due for publication in 2015. Once publication dates have been finalised, you will have the opportunity to pre-order copies from here. If you would like to receive news of these new books, along with other project updates, then please sign up for the Bead Flowers newsletter. If you are a publisher who would like to work with Katie, then please contact her via email to discuss your ideas.