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Your Festive Beading

Your festive beading traditions, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

I would love to invite you to share your favourite Festive beading projects with me. So, let me start by sharing two things that are getting me into the Festive spirit this year.

How does your Festive beading reflect meaning?

For me, Festive beading is very much about finding a way to express the meaning of this season. Now, that could be various things for you…

Maybe it’s using bright colours and shiny beads to bring some light to the dark days?

Perhaps it’s beading gifts to show others how much they mean to you?

Or maybe it’s recognising that you also need a little love.

For me, this year’s festive beading has focused particularly on the last two ideas. I’ve been using my two beaded Advent calendars to share some love with my Mum and to give myself a little treat.

A new tradition…

Last year, I started a new festive tradition and leant my Christmas tree beaded box to my Mum for Advent. I filled it with little messages of love from me and my brother. So, every day my Mum got a little reminder of how special she is.

Click here to get your own copy of the Christmas tree beaded box pattern

Mum loved it. So, this year, I decided to do the same again. Except, this time around, I found lots of inspirational messages from the internet, to remind Mum of all her good qualities.

Now, although it’s three years since I made my original beaded Advent calendar, I’ve never really used it properly until this year.

While I was finding the messages to fill Mum’s Christmas tree, I thought I might do the same for myself.

Five of my Advent boxes are filled with the candle flames for lighting my Advent candle. But that still leaves me with 19 boxes to treat myself. So, this year, I have filled them with thoughtful, empowering words from my favourite children’s book, ‘Winnie the Pooh’. And I’m thoroughly enjoying opening my little words of wisdom each day!

Make your own beaded Advent calendar from this tutorial

So, that has definitely set me up with some new traditions. What about you? What are your festive beading traditions?

Some actual beading…

It’s lovely to use my existing projects. Apart from the Advent calendars, I have a beautiful selection of beaded tree ornaments to enjoy each year.

But, it’s always nice to add something new. So, this year, my festive beading projects have been all about creating different designs for my Christmas present beaded box.

I created the pattern to share with everyone for my annual Festive beadalong. But the reason behind it, was to share some love with my family when they come to visit this year. So, I wanted to make a different design for each family member. I’ll be hiding a special little gift in each box for them.

Click here to get the Christmas present beaded box pattern

At first, I thought I might label each box. Then I thought, I’m not sure which design everyone will like best. So, this year, I’m going to let them all choose their favourites!

And, I’ve shared all the patterns for these different designs with everyone who is taking part in my beadalong. They all get lifetime access. So, I’m hoping that some of these might make their way into your Festive beading traditions of the future!

Thank you!

As we approach the end of another year, I want to thank all of you for your support and wish you all good things for this season. It doesn’t matter how you celebrate, I hope you will find happiness, love…and some more beading traditions to enjoy for the future!

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