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Number One Beading Problem: do you know what it is?

Number One Beading Problem Solved, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Last year, I carried out a couple of surveys to find out what people struggle with most when beading. Do you know what the number one beading problem is?

Maybe you’re thinking it’s choosing colours. Or, perhaps struggling with a technique? Maybe even something to do with buying beads?

Well, if you guessed any of those answers, you’d be wrong.

The Number One Beading Problem is…

Finding enough time for beading! Yes, that’s it. More people were concerned about their mounting pile of PHDs or UFOs (Projects Half Done or Unfinished Objects), than about anything else.

So, this is a problem that has been revolving around in my mind since I first found out about those surprising results.

Number one beading problem, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

How to solve the number one beading problem…

This year, for International Beading Week, I thought I would focus on trying to help as many beaders as I can. So, last week, I announced all my plans for the week. If you missed the announcement, read the post here>>

In a slightly bold, possibly foolish, move, I decided to run a free online course to try and help you find – or rather, make – more time for beading.

If you’re already sold on that idea, then please sign up below so you are all set to join the course when it launches at the start of IBW 2018.





If you’re not sure whether this would help you, then read on to find out more…

Is this FREE course right for you?

Do you struggle with too many unfinished beading projects? Do you feel like you never have enough time for beading? Well, let me show you how easily you can make time to bead.

Why am I qualified to do this? Well, for all the years I have been beading, I have also been battling with illness. So, I have always struggled to do all the beading I would like.

Now, I have learned many things from my experience of illness. One of the most useful is learning how to be efficient so that I can fit more into the limited time I have for activities.

So, since most people I talk to say that their number one beading problem is struggling to make time to bead, I thought I should try sharing what I have learned with all of you.

IBW2018, Make time to bead course, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

How is the Make Time to Bead course structured?

I have discovered that there are two key areas where you might need to make changes in order to make time to bead.

The first is practical. So, this involves learning the best ways to create a permanent beading space. Then learning how to bead in short sessions if you need to.

The second area is in how you think about beading. So, I’ll be sharing a couple of really easy tricks to help you get your mindset right.

Then, in the last section of the course, you get the chance to put these lessons into practice. I have given you a free beading project to try out. Then I encourage you to go and try another project of your choice on your own.

By the time you’ve done that, you should have discovered that you can finish more beading projects more quickly than you thought. So, you will be set up to complete all those PHDs in no time!

Practical Information

This course takes place entirely online. So, you will find each lesson on this website. Each lesson will give you a task, or tasks, to complete before moving on to the next part.

You can follow along at your own pace and do each lesson at any time.

I invite you to submit your finished work (by photograph) at the end of the course in order to receive your certificate of completion.

If you have any questions while you are completing the course, I am just an email away and will do my best to help.

So, if this sounds like the potential solution to your number one beading problem, sign up now so you don’t miss out.


4 thoughts on “Number One Beading Problem: do you know what it is?

  1. Great idea, so looking forward to class.

  2. Knowing which beads you already have! Need easy way to record which beads I have.

    1. I agree Maureen – it’s very easy to forget about beads and end up buying them again! If I come up with an easy way to keep track of that, I’ll be sure to share it. But it’s a problem I face too!

  3. In a strange way your comment gives me great relief. Thought I was loosing my marbles!

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