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New Spring Beading Projects

Beaded Cake Box Tutorial and kit for Mothers Day or Birthday, Katie Dean, Beadflowers, New Spring Beading Projects

You might want to give me a little pat on the back right now. Not to boast or anything, but this is the third month of the year and I’m still keeping up with my New Year resolution to let you know what was new on the website each month! So, this is your round up of new Spring beading projects for March 2018.

New Beading Patterns

Just before I get on to what was new in March, I want to let you know about another tiny little innovation on my website.

So, I have just added a new category in the shop. (You will see it in the right-hand menu on each page and also on the main bead shop page). This is ‘New Beading Patterns‘.

You may or may not have noticed that I already have a list of the ten most recent additions to the bead shop. You can find this at the bottom of any page on the website. So don’t give up scrolling too soon!

Well, a little while back, one of my customers contacted me to ask if I had a list of new patterns. They do fall into my new products. But I thought it might be helpful for me to separate out the patterns that are new in each month.

I will be keeping this new product category updated. So, at the moment, you can see the new Spring beading projects in there. Next month, I’ll swap to what is new for April.

Don’t worry – the patterns are also filed under their respective categories on the pattern pages. So, they won’t disappear. This is just an easy way for regular visitors to keep an eye on new projects as I publish them.

New Spring Beading Projects

Ok, without further ado, let me unveil all the new Spring beading projects that I’ve posted on here during March.

Hopefully you have been following my Spring themed blog all month. If not, don’t worry – you can catch up via the links below.

Spring Festivals

So, I started the month by taking a look at Mothering Sunday (you may be surprised to learn more about this festival and why it’s celebrated in March in the UK and May in other parts of the world. So, check out the blog here>>

I do have a pattern – and a kit – linked to that blog, but I’m going to come back to that right at the end. (You’ll see why when we get there!)

Then, I moved on to looking at some of the other Festivals we celebrate in March. View the blog post here>>

If you want to celebrate St David’s day, you can get the Peyote stitch daffodil pattern here.

I celebrated St Patrick’s Day with a new beaded box. So, I have both a pattern and a kit for that. Follow this link to see them both>>

Of course, you can’t think about Spring without thinking of Easter. So, hopefully you managed to catch both my new Easter projects…

If you would like the links to my Easter egg beaded boxes, or my little Easter egg charms, then follow this link>>

Spring Flowers

Well, I couldn’t talk about Spring without talking flowers, now could I?

So, I don’t know which are your favourite Spring flowers? But I have been admiring the crocus in my garden. So, I decided to immortalise those in a new French beading pattern.

Click this link to get the pattern>>

I have also been reminiscing about a wonderful trip to Japan. This time of year is cherry blossom season. So, I have captured that in a beaded pen pattern (although I don’t think the photo does it justice!). You can try the pattern yourself, right here>>

Still on the flower theme… I know I have been publishing a lot of projects for more advanced beaders recently. So, I thought I would include a little something for all you beginners out there.

This daisy necklace may look complex, but it is actually very simple to make. So, you will get to learn a lot in the process. If you’re just starting out and looking for some new Spring beading projects, then try this now>>

Beginner Necklace Pattern: Daisy Design, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

New Beads

Well, since Spring is the season of new life or rebirth, I had to include a couple of patterns with new(ish) beads! My Sun King pendant is a nod to the shaped seed beads. You’ll get to try a variety of different types in this project. So, it’s also great for using up a few leftovers from your stash. Find out more here>>

Have you noticed the carrier bead obsession that has hit the beading world lately?

Well, I don’t recall seeing anything quite like it. The manufacturers are literally struggling to keep up with demand. I know some of you will be aware of this, as you’ve got your carrier beads on back order.

If you are one of those people, then thank you so much for your patience.

I’m not sure if this will make you feel any better, but I’m also itching to get my hands on some carrier beads. One of the new Spring beading projects I launched at the start of the month was the reversible necklace (above). I had so many other ideas, but I’m still waiting for beads to try them out!

So, if you want to prepare your carrier bead covers for this project, you can grab a copy of the pattern here>>

New Beaded Box Kits

Last, but not least, in my new Spring beading projects are my beaded box kits. Most of the patterns are not new this month. But, by popular demand, I have been creating kits for them.

So, I’m putting together each kit as you order it, instead of holding stock. Why do this? Well, it means I can customise your kit to your colouring.

Just make sure you read the product descriptions carefully. In most cases, you have the option of buying a kit that only contains beads (perfect if you already have the pattern). Or choose the beads and pattern variation if the project is totally new for you.

It’s pretty handy if you just want the beads you need, rather than investing in a bunch of bead packs that you might not use again!

I’ll be adding more kits. For now, you can see what is available right here>>

Beaded Cake Box Tutorial for Mothers Day or Birthday, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Last but not least…

…Remember I promised you a glimpse at a Mother’s Day inspired project? Well, here it is… The beaded cake box whose image leads this blog.

So, if you need a project for Mother’s Day in May, grab your pattern here>>

Why have I saved this to the very end of my new Spring beading projects? Not necessarily because you should save the best until last… In fact, it’s because it links neatly to next month’s theme.

Next month will be all about ‘Katie’s Marvellous Diet’.

Make sure you check my blog on 1st April to find out more. I can tell you now, the diet is absolutely yummy and totally calorie-free… (and that’s not an April Fool’s Joke…)

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