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Nature Beading: will you get inspired?

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This month is all about nature beading! Today, I’m wondering if I can inspire you with the chance to enter a nature themed competition.

But before I get on to that, I have a couple of quick thankyous to make… First of all, a shout out to Feedspot for adding this website to their top ten UK beading blogs! I’m thrilled to be featured. So, if you want to see the others that made the list, click here.

Then, I also want to thank everyone who sent me kind messages and voted in the Bead Dreams 2018 People’s Choice awards. I didn’t win any prizes in the competition, but it was a real thrill to get to the finals.

So, can I say a special thank you to Leslie, CariAnn and Kathleen for their kindness in sending me photos of my beehive on display at Bead and Button show.

Nature Beading Inspiration

Now, back to that competition…

When I talk to other beaders about what inspires them to design or create, the most common answer is ‘nature’. I find inspiration in all sorts of weird and wonderful places. But I have certainly made a lot of work that could fall under the category of Nature Beading.

So, what do you think of when you think about nature in a beading context?

For many people, it is probably flowers.

View all the beaded flower patterns here>>

Or how about animals? Quite recently, someone asked me if I have ever created any beaded animal patterns. My initial thought was, ‘no’. You see, I was thinking about cats and dogs and those sort of animals. (Then, I did remember my cat pendant!)

But the more I thought about, the more I began to wonder how you classify animals. I mean, what about fish? Do you count insects – like bees and butterflies – as animals?

So, I decided to be bold and just lump all these patterns under the general heading of animals!

Check out all the beaded animal patterns here>>

Seasonal nature beading

Then, we come to thinking about the seasons. I have patterns classified for Winter, Autumn, Summer, Spring. When I look through each of these, lots are inspired by nature. So, they’re a great idea when you want to feel in tune with the natural seasons outside.

Browse the Spring beading projects here>>

For me, Spring is full of hope, with flowers and delicate, pretty colours. The first signs of nature coming to life and the promise of lush green days to follow.

Browse the summer beading projects here>>

Then Summer bursts into full bloom – flamboyant, bright and full of sunshine (in my head, if not in reality!). So, for me, the summer projects are all about bright colours and memories of sun, sea, sand and holidays!

Find the Autumn inspiration here>>

Autumn is not my favourite season as it foretells Winter. For me, the Winter is bleak and lifeless. Although In both these seasons, I can find beauty. Maybe it’s the beauty of Autumn colours. Or the crisp silver, white and blue of a frosty, bright Winter’s day.

Get inspired by Winter here>>

So, how do the seasons and nature beading fit together for you?

Nature Beading Competition

Now, I’ve set you thinking about nature and your beading inspirations, let me invite you to take part in a competition.

You’re going to like this competition because literally EVERYONE is a winner!

What I want you to do is take a look through the patterns in the themes to which I have linked above. So, that’s beaded flowers, animals, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Then, I invite you to complete the form below, telling me which are your favourite nature beading projects (it can be one or it could be more).

And your prize? Well, EVERYONE who enters will receive a special coupon so you can treat yourself to a nature beading pattern.

Competition Rules

This competition is open to everyone.

There is no closing date. So, you can enter at any time.

You will receive your prize in an email. So, please check your inbox and spam folders. Also, make sure you take care to enter your email address correctly.

The prizes will be sent out automatically, so I’m afraid I cannot check or replace lost prizes.

Any data you submit on the form will only be stored in accordance with GDPR rules and your privacy will be maintained at all times. You may request to have your data deleted. It will not be shared with a third party or used for any marketing to which you have not agreed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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