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National Beading Week Memories 2017

National Beading Week Memories 2017, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

What are your favourite National Beading Week memories from 2017?

I promised all my Beadalong participants that I would share some of the photos that I got to see as the week went on. Then, I want to look back and share some of my favourite memories. Please share yours too in the comments below.

The Beadalong

I was thrilled that so many people wanted to take part in my Beadalong. (If you missed it, you can still catch up atNational Beading Week Memories 2017 that link).

So, I had beaders from all across the world. This is going to be one of my favourite National Beading Week memories from 2017. Or should I say, International Beading Week memories?!

I want to say a particular hello to two lovely ladies in Toronto, MaryPat and Valerie, plus Fran from Florida. I got to know all of you much better during the week as you sent me progress reports and we chatted along the way.

National Beading Week Memories 2017So, for me, that is what National Beading Week should be about. Bringing people together in their shared love of beading.

The Beadalong also managed to introduce people to some new techniques. So, as you admire the photos that I’ve scattered throughout this blog post, please remember something. In a lot of cases, this was the very first time that someone had tried the technique. So, you’re looking at a first project. And what an amazing job they all did!

Creativity and Colour

This is one of my National Beading Week memories, but it is also something that INational Beading Week Memories 2017 love about the beading in general. So, seeing the creativity and colour choices of the people who took part in the Beadalong was a real thrill.

A lot of you tell me that you don’t feel confident about choosing colours. Yet, when I see all the projects coming to life, I always think what beautiful choices you make. So, maybe this is a lesson to take away. We are all far too self-critical. I include myself in that. How often do we look at someone else’s work and think it’s amazing? Then look at our own and see only the faults.

My solution there is to put you work away in a drawer out of sight for a couple of weeks. Then, when you take it out, you can view it with fresh eyes. Hopefully you then appreciate what you have achieved.

My Top National Beading Week Memories

Someone actually asked me for my top memories and I didn’t have to think long. It was getting the chance to make new friends. The beading world really is a lovely community and (Inter)National Beading Week just brings us all together each year.

So, I found myself chatting with beading friends I’ve known for a long time. Then getting to know people I haven’t met before. So, I have lots of special memories to cherish and friendships that I know I will take forward.

What were your favourite moments or National Beading Week memories?

Leave me a comment!

Whilst I’ve been savouring those memories this past week, I know the spirit of friendship and community is something we will all take forward. So, I feel very lucky to be part of the beading world. I’m already looking forward to 2018!

7 thoughts on “National Beading Week Memories 2017

  1. Surprised to see my bracelet here!! I have yet to start a second and embelish the first one. Has cheered me up after a bad day. I love beading and being creative with other crafts too along with beading.

    1. Of course I included it – you did a great job! I’m so glad it cheered you up. Hope you have a better weekend. Take care! Katie x

  2. Thank you for posting my flower and strawberry, that was thrilling. My best memory – your support and generosity.

    1. Thank you Fran! It was such a pleasure to have you along and I’m really pleased that the support helped!

  3. Katie, thanks for the great Beadalong! Your instructions were very clear, and you were very supportive. The way you broke the tasks down, a little bit every day, was very helpful – I don’t think I would have attempted the French beading projects otherwise.
    I love Dora’s strawberries and flowers! I think I’ll add some leaves to my bunch.

  4. Thank you Katie and beady fellows for showing the pictures, i love to look at them too, together we would make a strawberry plant already. I still try some more french beading and hope to get better, not so easy to get the flower petals in shape.
    The hexagon flower is a eyecandy too, i enjoy too see the different colourways.

  5. P.S. You asked for favorite NBW moments. There have been lot’s.
    The treat and looking forward to every days bit of beading and progress, every day i couldn’t wait for the beading time. The french beading, i did not stop since the NBW week. I even liked the preparation, i usually don’t.
    All the loveley things to see people have shown or given and then photos from the beadalong. The beadworkersguild gallery also.

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