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National Beading Week Challenge 2017

National Beading Week Challenge 2017

Are you bold and fearless? Can you win £15 of free beading supplies? …Yes you can! All you have to do is complete my National Beading Week Challenge…

The Labours of Hercules

Have you heard of the Labours of Hercules? Well, this is sort of similar…Coloured Copper Craft Wire

Except, I only have four tasks for you to carry out. Plus, this isn’t a penance! You’re working to reward yourself…

You will also be helping me out. So, your £15 of beading supplies from me is my thank you for your labours.

The Prize

Just to put this in context… £15 of beading supplies from me could mean:AVA Beads UK

  • 150g of seed beads
  • or a couple of packs of AVA beads
  • maybe 5 reels of craft wire
  • enough beads and thread for a whole beading project – or more!

Keep dreaming…

Keep the thought of those beads in mind. Every time the National Beading Week challenge seems a little, well… challenging… just think about the beads!

The National Beading Week Challenge

I want you to carry out four tasks for me this week. So, that means you need to complete all four of your National Beading Week Challenge tasks by the end of August 6th 2017.

You can carry out the tasks in any order. My system will automatically register when you have carried out a task. So, you don’t need to worry about keeping me informed.

Everyone who manages to complete all four tasks will receive a £15 voucher to spend on beading supplies. So, that’s just the beads and other materials in my Beading Supplies department, not kits or books or patterns.

Just to be clear – this isn’t a prize draw. So, there’s no luck involved. You are guaranteed to get your free beads if you simply complete the four tasks!

The first task… (tell me what you like!)

Send me an email ( entitled ‘National Beading Week Challenge’.

In the email, you must include the following:

  • your 12 favourite patterns from my website
  • the month in which you were born

In return for doing this, I will send you one of the patterns you listed. So, you’ll get a free beading pattern for completing the first task.

You don’t get to specify which pattern you will receive. So make sure that you really like all twelve of your choices in order to avoid disappointment!

You will know that you’ve completed the first task ok if you get your pattern. So, make sure you follow the instructions carefully – your email must contain the right information in order to complete the task!



The second task… (help a friend)

Introduce as many of your beading friends as you can to Bead Flowers. In order for this task to register as completed, at least one of those friends must claim their free beading pattern.

So, to do this, you can send this link to your friends. Please explain to them why you’re doing this. When you tell them that you’re giving them the chance to get a free beading pattern by signing up, I know they’ll love you for it!

Your friend(s) must sign up by 6th August in order for this task to be completed.


National Beading Week Challenge 2017 Help a Friend


The third task… (tell me how I’m doing)

This one is simple. Please write a product review. If you follow that link, you’ll get the instructions for doing that.

Again, you just need to write your review before 6th August 2017 to complete this task. Your reward for doing so… Entry into my weekly prize draw to win a beading pattern of your choice.


choose free beading

The fourth task… (treat yourself)

Splash out on a little beading treat for yourself and save some money in the process! Your fourth task is simply to use the voucher below.

So, pick your treats from my patterns and remember to add the coupon code when you check out…


National Beading Week Challenge 2017 Coupon


Are you a brave, bold, beader?

Well, if you succeed in completing my National Beading Week Challenge, then, yes you are! Plus, you’ll have some inspiring new projects that need some new beads. So, that £15 voucher is going to come in handy…

Good luck!

One thought on “National Beading Week Challenge 2017

  1. Love the contest/tasks, but just have one question — for International folks, is it possible to change one of the rules – the one about being beads/supplies? The reason for this is that shipping internationally is expensive. While downloadable items like patterns if “free”. This is one of the reasons I will have no problems with task 1, or Task 3, or 4 — since every one of your patterns I’ve tried has been wonderful.

    I’m afraid that the Prize is the only part that I will not be able to use 🙁

    in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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