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Make Beaded Beads! 3 reasons to love them

Make Beaded Beads: 3 reasons to love them, by Katie Dean, Beadflowers

If you’re wondering how to make beaded beads, or whether you should try this, then ‘yes’ you should! So, let me tell you my top three reasons for loving beaded beads.

Reason 1: Make Beaded Beads for a ‘Beading fix’

Are you one of those people who never seems to have enough time to fit beading into your life? So, you end up putting off projects because you know you’ll get started, but never find the time to finish.

At the same time, you’re just itching to get that ‘beading fix’.

Well, beaded beads are the perfect solution.

RounTrio Beaded Beads Pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersThe most complex beaded beads I’ve designed take less than an hour to make. Get the pattern here>>

Even the most complicated beaded bead I ever made, only took an hour. That was following someone else’s pattern and learning a technique that was unfamiliar to me at the time.

You might be thinking, ‘that’s all very well for her – she’s experienced!’ But the beaded bead I’m thinking of was many years ago. At the time I had virtually no experience with beaded beads and only a little beading experience.

At the other end of the scale, this beaded bead takes less than ten minutes to make. So, you could have half a bracelet done in an hour!

Crystal Beaded Bead Pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersGet the Crystal beaded bead pattern here>>

So, stop making excuses! If you’re short of time, get your beading fix from making beaded beads!

Reason 2: Make beaded beads to learn a technique

If you’re new to beading, then look for some beaded bead patterns. You can make beaded beads to learn a new technique.

Since they are quick to make, you can soon decide whether or not you enjoy the technique. Then, if you do, you can invest in a bigger project using your new skills.

But don’t be too quick to judge. It’s pretty common to struggle with a new technique at first. That can make you begin to doubt whether it is right for you. Often, it’s just the frustration of trying to learn something new. So, if you are making beaded beads, you can practise over and over as you make each new bead. You will then find the point where the technique ‘clicks’. And you can turn your little collection of beaded beads into a lovely piece of jewellery.

Browse all the beaded bead patterns here>>

In the photo gallery above, the beads on the left use Peyote stitch. I used netting for the fish beaded beads. And, believe it or not, the beads on the right were developed using Right Angle Weave.

So, if you fancy trying something new, pick a technique, then look for a beaded bead pattern that uses it.

Reason 3: Make beaded beads to try out new bead shapes

Yes, the third reason I love to make beaded beads is to try out some of the shaped seed beads. I’ve just explained that beaded beads are quick to make. You’ve just discovered that you can make beaded beads using pretty much any technique.

So, if I’m given some new shaped or multi-holed seed beads to work with, a beaded bead is a great place to start. Think of this like a small-scale project that gives you the chance to see how the beads will slot together, what beads they fit with and which techniques work best.

Now, you may not be a designer. But reason number 3 still applies. Have you ever been browsing a bead shop and seen a tube of new shaped seed beads? They fascinated you, but you didn’t know whether to buy them. I mean, what if you couldn’t use them, or you hated working with them?

Well, most beaded bead patterns require just a few beads. So, that one tube of experimental beads will actually go quite a long way. By using your new shaped bead to make a new beaded bead, you get to test whether you like the beads or not. If you do, great – you can look for more patterns and bigger projects.

If you don’t, well you haven’t invested too much time or money in learning that these beads are not for you! But you probably have enough beaded beads to make some jewellery which you may enjoy wearing, selling or gifting to a friend. I think that’s a win-win.

Browse all the beaded bead patterns here>>

My Challenge: design and make beaded beads each week of 2019

Have you seen my 2019 beading challenge? I’ve decided to try to design and publish a new beaded bead pattern every week during 2019.

I’m writing this at the end of week three and I’ve managed to make and publish my third pattern.

Sheep beaded bead pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersGet the sheep beaded bead pattern here>>

I have a little list of ideas, but I’m inviting you to make some suggestions too. So, is there a technique you would like to try? Or is there a shaped seed bead you want me to use?

Please add your suggestions in the comments and if I make a pattern from your idea, I will gift it to you for free!

While you’re thinking about that, do please enjoy my third new beaded bead pattern of 2019… The Sheep Beaded Bead>>

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