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June Beading News: new patterns and kits

June Beading News, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

When I set myself the resolution to publish a round-up each month, I didn’t realise how fast it would make the months pass! So, here we are at the end of June. Which means only one thing: time for the June beading news!

Fire and water beaded box, Katie Dean, BeadflowersGet the Fire and Water beaded box pattern here>>

The Theme

June has been all about Nature. Here in the UK, we’ve been blessed with a glorious month of sunshine and warmth. And it looks set to continue. I was joking that it feels as though our little island has been tugged to a more Southerly latitude lately. Forget the myth of constant rain and greyness in Britain…we’re staring drought in the face at the moment!

So, what does this mean for us beaders? Well, typically, less time beading actually. I think a lot of us get drawn into our gardens to tend to them. Or maybe the sunny days just induce us to go on a few little summer outings.

Anyway, since I’m finding myself outdoors more, it seemed only right to celebrate the natural world that I’m enjoying.

Beehive Beaded Box: How to make your own version, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

June beading news on the blog

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably been following my blog all month anyway. But just in case you missed anything…

I started out by showing you how to make your own version of my beehive beaded box. So, this is a great way to celebrate nature and summer. Read the blog>>

I’ve also been looking at ways in which Nature can inspire beading. Then, there’s the green packaging. We take great inspiration from the natural world, but unless we also respect and look after it, that will all change.

And finally, last week, I posed the question of how a camera can fit into a nature themed month…

So, you can catch up on all these posts (and make sure you do as they include a few little treats for you too!). When you reach the bottom of this blog, you’ll see the option to look back at the last post. So, you can follow the chain backwards that way.

Get the camera beaded box pattern here>>

New beading patterns

So, finally, we come to the June beading news you really want… new beading patterns!

You’ve already seen the camera and my fire and water box earlier in the blog. They were both pretty big projects but not as big as this…

The beehive

So, let me take you back to the beginning and that beehive project.

Pill Box: Meadow Beaded Box Pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersGet the pill box pattern here>>

I used some existing patterns for that. But I also created some new things. This included a miniature version of the actual box. But I wanted to give it an idea in its own right. So, I created a pill box with 7 compartments you can use.

I can also introduce a brand new flower…

Tee Beads Flower Pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersGet the Tee beads flower pattern here>>

Then, you might think this flower is a little familiar. I originally used the pattern in a National Beading Week project a few years back. But I never published it in my Beadshop. So, here it is at last…

Superduo Flower Motif Pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersGet the superduo flower pattern here>>

Now, no beehive would be complete without a bee. I did have a pattern already, but I thought I could do something better. So, instead of using my original bee, I sat down and designed a completely new bee. She is certainly Queen bee, so I hope you like her as much as I do!

Queen bee beading pattern, Katie Dean, beadflowersGet the Queen bee pattern here>>

Then, finally, I decided my beehive needed a visitor. So, who better than a beautiful butterfly? I know I love watching them in my garden. I was tempted to make a Peacock butterfly – I love them! But in the end, I went for the orange tips that visit me.

Beaded Butterfly Pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersGet the beaded butterfly here>>

Then, last, but not least for my June beading news…

CRAW for beaded boxes

I drew inspiration from this month’s theme on Seed Beads and More. I tried out my first CRAW beaded box. It’s a tooth fairy box with two compartments. One for the tooth and one for the gift. My niece is still a little young to be losing her teeth, but one day, I hope she will enjoy this. She is already fascinated by my beaded boxes!

Get your tooth fairy box pattern here>>

So, I hope you agree that those all reflect the season beautifully!

New Beading Kits

I have also added a couple of new beaded box kits. So, you can get the Fire and Water and the camera boxes as a kit if that makes life easier. Check out all my beading kits here>>

That takes care of the June beading news, but what about July?

International Beading Week

Yes, the end of July marks the start of this annual event. And notice how it has grown from being UK based to taking in beaders all around the world.

So, keeping up with tradition, I will be hosting some beading events on here.

But I’m going to make you wait until next month to find out about them! So, make sure you stay tuned to the blog.

And if you want to know what else is going on, check out the International Beading Week website here>>

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