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Going, going, gone!…Beading disappearing forever…

Going going gone beading kits and beading supplies

Yes, that’s right…I have decided to close part of this website for good. So, my beading supplies and beading kits are going, going, gone for good. And if you want any of them, you’d better hurry up as many are already permanently sold out!

But before you panic, let me explain more…

Why am I closing?

I’ll come back to some of this later on. But I have been reviewing the financials behind this website and some of them just don’t make sense.

For a few years, I have had a pretty decent range of beads, French beading supplies, and beading kits for many of my patterns. But people don’t often buy them.

So, what ends up happening is I’m spending a lot of money buying in this stuff, then it’s just sitting in my house. It can take literally years before I then recoup that money by selling the product. So, why have I been doing this?

Basically, I know it has been an enormous help to a few people. If you’re one of them, you know who you are and I want to say a huge thank you for supporting me. I’m sorry, I can no longer keep on doing this for you.

So, I’m aiming to sell off all my beading stock and I have no plans to re-stock it.

It’s partly a financial decision, but partly personal. So, more on that shortly…For now, let’s take a quick look at what this closure will mean.

Going, going gone…beading kits

I have already let my mailing list members know about these plans. So, a lot of my beading kits are already sold out. This especially applies to the French beading and beaded box kits.

But I do still have a few kits left…

Each of these is down to less than three in stock, so you can still grab one if you’re quick…

Click here to shop all kits before they disappear

If you see any kits on back order, you can grab them. It just means I have the materials in stock, but haven’t put the kit together. For any kits with stock, that is all that is available, so don’t miss it!

Going, going, gone…beading supplies

Yes, I’m also selling off everything that falls under the category of beading supplies. So, that includes any shaped seed beads, any Miyuki seed beads, Matsuno seed beads, and of course the Delicas. Also, beadable needle cases and pens.

Plus, all the French beading supplies and wire. Some of the stock is reduced in price. So, check it out here.

Again, items on back order should be available, so feel free to grab them while you can.


Beading books…going, going, gone?

My books are only sort of going, going, gone. I will no longer be carrying stock of my books. But many will still be available from the publishers. So, you will see this section of the website remains and I will link through to the publisher websites once my own stock has run out.

The only exception here is ‘Sweet Treats’ book. That one, I self-published. So, once my stocks have gone, it really will be disappearing forever.

Currently, these books are down to their final few. So, if you want one from me (ie, you want the ability to use coupons or your loyalty points on the purchase), you’d better be quick!

Click here to grab a book before they are gone


Plans for the future

For the moment, the rest of this website will remain open, with business as usual. So, that means I will still be sending out my newsletters to the mailing list.

You will still be able to buy patterns from here. Although I am also expanding my Etsy store, in case I reach the point where this site becomes unprofitable and needs to close completely. So, it’s really over to all of you as to what happens there…

I may even write the occasional blog post! 😉

If you are also a member of the ‘Better Beader‘ group, I have been reviewing that too. But for the moment, it is going to continue as normal. Although I will be making a few exciting announcements soon.

Three new projects

During the Autumn, I will be finishing up three projects that are under way. So, I’ll be letting you know more about those as and when they are ready. But I can give you a little teaser now…

  • New book featuring beaded box designs
  • Christmas themed beadalong
  • Another beaded box online workshop, like this one (only with a really cool new beaded box concept!)

After that, I’m going to be taking some time out to work on a project that has nothing to do with beads! But I may share some of that with you here on my blog.

Beyond that, we shall see…maybe I’ll be leaving the beading world, maybe I’ll be back. I don’t know.

Why am I looking at leaving the beading world?

Well, that’s not something I’m willing to enter in depth, publicly, having been told that ‘airing my dirty linen in public is damaging my brand’.

I will, however, say this much…

  • I am not a brand: I am a human being with feelings
  • My beadwork is not a brand: it is a form of self-expression for me

There are three reasons why that is pertinent and why I am feeling that the beading world is no longer the safe and secure environment that it used to be.

  • Copyright theft in the form of reverse engineering
  • Trolling, both from people who don’t even buy from me, and from other designers, I’m sad to say
  • Rude customers

And yes, there will always be rotten apples and I heed the good and well-intentioned advice to ignore them and focus on the good. So, let me say once again, I have been very fortunate over the years to have met many lovely, kind and very supportive beaders.

To each and every one of you, thank you. I have been truly humbled by your kindness, by your stories and by the idea that what I have done may have offered you something positive at a time when you needed it.

I may yet return to a place where I can start to give again. But at the moment, frankly, I don’t like the direction I see the beading world taking and I need to step back. I haven’t fallen out of love with beads, or run out of ideas. I’m simply not feeling like putting more into an environment where the three issues I mentioned are growing. So, we’ll see where things end up and where I end up in all of that.

…and finally…

Next time, I hope to be back with an announcement about one of those three new projects I just mentioned above.

But for now, don’t forget, the beads, beading kits and books are all going, going, gone… So make sure they don’t go without you!