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February 2019 beading patterns

February 2019 beading patterns, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Let’s see if I can manage to keep my resolution for longer this year… Yes, I’m back to trying to collate all my beading patterns for each month in one handy blog so you can keep track of what you might have missed. So, here goes…February 2019 beading patterns…

February 2019 beading patterns for beaded beads

While we’re on the subject of resolutions, I may as well start with the projects for my personal 2019 challenge. February has 4 weeks, which can only mean, 4 more beaded bead patterns!

I haven’t been trying to follow any kind of theme for these. Some have been customer requests, like the Peanut beaded bead. Others have just been inspired by the time of year. So, I had to make a heart for Valentine’s Day really…

The Star Fish is a little look ahead to a possible theme for March. I’m taking part in the Aquatic themed beadalong in the Seed Beads and More Group. So, I’m sure there will be some more aquatic projects on the cards for next month…

Meanwhile, if you want any of these beaded bead patterns, just click this link>>

February 2019 beading patterns for beginners

I didn’t specifically set out to do this when I started publishing my February 2019 beading patterns. But, I have ended up with a nice little collection of projects that are perfect for beginners.

Don’t be fooled by the look of these. I promise, they are all really easy thread paths. I have created patterns with loads of information, diagrams and photos. So, I’ll be holding your hand (in a virtual way) as you follow all these projects.

So, if any of these projects take your fancy, be brave! Don’t think you’re ‘not good enough’. Trust that you are! You can find these and plenty more beginner beading projects at this link>>

Peyote stitch for…literally anyone!

I’m not done with the February 2019 beading patterns quite yet. But before I showcase the last few, let me tell you about another little project I’ve been working on this month.

Over on My World of Beads, I’ve put together a series of blogs to teach Peyote stitch. So, I’ve broken this down into bite-size chunks. Each blog covers a particular aspect of the stitch.

Whether you’re trying to learn for the first time, or just need a handy reminder, these should help. I’ve included ‘how-to’ steps, tips and links to patterns you can use for practising your skills.

So, if you’re interested in Peyote stitch, check out all the blogs here>>

February 2019 beading patterns for boxes

You know no month would be complete without a few more beaded boxes from me! So, if you like any of them, you can find the patterns here>>

But I am also going somewhere with my little story here…

I get a lot of lovely emails and messages from people to say how much they like my beaded boxes (thank you!), but they don’t feel they’re ‘good enough’ to try one.

Well, once again, let me say, ‘you are good enough!’

I firmly believe that if you see a project you love, you should try it. You may not have all the skills you need right now, but you can work on them.

So, let’s tie all this together. First lesson: don’t be put off by the thought that a project ‘looks too hard’. So many designs, like the beginner projects I’ve published this month, look harder than they actually are.

Second lesson: if it does turn out to include techniques that you haven’t tried yet, don’t be put off. Just pause the project, go away and learn the technique. Between YouTube and My World of Beads, not to mention a whole lot of other free resources, you can learn any technique you need.

To take the example of these boxes. They only use Peyote stitch. The blogs I’ve been putting together will give you all the skills you need to make any of these boxes. Yes, you may struggle at first. And yes, you may need to do some ‘homework’. (By which, I mean, go away and practise a technique then come back to the box). But you can learn this stuff.

So, whatever your dreams and aspirations, have the faith and trust in yourself, to follow them…

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