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Christmas In July

Christmas in July, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

I’m not quite sure where the idea of ‘Christmas in July’ originates. So, I thought I’d take a look… And you can always rely on Wikipedia for a good answer!!

So, for those of you who like a bit of trivia, take your pick…

Could the original idea be from the 1940 film of that name?

Or, how about the US 1944 campaign to get Christmas gifts and cards sent early (very early!) to soldiers fighting in Europe in World War II?

Maybe you’re already thinking of the celebrations in the Southern hemisphere where winter is in July. Or may you already celebrate in the Northern hemisphere where you can enjoy some outdoor events?

Possibly, it’s just another ‘Hallmark Holiday’ and a chance for shops to tout their wares. But hey, you can never have too much Christmas right?

Christmas in July for Beaders

I prefer to suggest that there is a real practical reason for beaders to begin thinking about Christmas in July. If you’re one of those people who likes to make a beaded decoration or two (or many!), then July is a great time to get started.

And that applies to other crafts as well. I’ve noticed quite a few craft and beading sites on social media who are giving discounts to help their customers get prepared early. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting to November and realising you have a pile of beaded gifts that you want to make. By that time, the social calendar is getting crowded and then there are all the other preparations to consider too.

So, if you’re on my mailing list, you’re currently enjoying my little Christmas in July festival, I hope.

If you’re not on my mailing list (you can join up here to get in on future special events), then I don’t want to leave you out.

Am I starting a tradition…?

Can I ask you to cast your mind back to this time last year? If you were following me then, you may remember it was the exact time that I launched one of my biggest ever beading projects. My beaded Advent calendar.

I had no plans to make another one. But here we are again. I’ve just launched another really big beading project. So, is this a new Advent calendar? Is this a new tradition?

Well, my Christmas tree beaded box could certainly be used as an Advent calendar. It has 24 drawers, plus an extra box with a lift off lid. But I didn’t specifically design it as an Advent calendar. I haven’t included numbers on the drawers. So, you would have to find a way of labelling them if you want to use it for this purpose.

And no, I have absolutely no plans to start a new tradition of designing a new beaded Advent calendar every year!

What possessed me to do it again?

Good question! I basically had an idea that was too good to resist. As I was making my beehive beaded box, I started thinking about creating layers of drawers. Of course, each layer would have six drawers. Twenty-four divides nicely by six. So, see where I’m going with this…?

Initially, I thought I would just stick with the four layers and add an angel to the top of my tree. However, having worked out the sizing and created the four layers, I then realised that it would look a lot better with more shaping on top and somehow a star seemed to sit better than an angel.

The Christmas tree design had origins in another idea: Mini Mushroom beads.

Mini Mushroom Beads UK, Katie Dean, BeadflowersBuy mini mushroom beads here>>

I am fascinated by their shape and the way you can slot them into beadwork. So, it occurred to me that these would actually make great baubles. Perfect for drawer handles!

Then, all I needed were some lines of tinsel and I had a completely decorated Christmas tree made from beads. It has a finished height of about 6″ (15cm) and stands very happily on its base, which is 4-5″

I later realised I could have done some very different colouring. In fact, I’m almost tempted to make a second version just so I can try out a simple colour scheme… But not this year! I think I need to do something a little different now and get away from beading triangles for a day or two!

Christmas in July for you…

So, my Christmas tree beaded box may be the centrepiece of my personal tribute to Christmas in July. But how will that benefit you? Well, I decided to help you out and put it on sale for the first few days after its launch. So, this really is a flash sale and, like Christmas itself, it will be gone in a flash. Which means, you’d better be quick so you don’t miss out…

Get the Christmas tree beaded box pattern here>>


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