Superduo Daisy Bracelet Tutorial


For this project you will need Superduos, size 11 Miyuki seed beads and Pellet beads. You will be working in simple stringing and also Peyote stitch for the custom beaded clasp.

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About the Superduo Daisy Bracelet

My Superduo Daisy Bracelet was one of those designs that came about by happy accident. I had been experimenting with some beads as part of my work for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. I was of course familiar with the Superduos and seed beads. But the Pellet beads were new to me. If you haven’t seen these beads before, they are like little columns. But the centre has been pulled inwards to create a groove. To my mind this makes them perfect for adding other beads around.

Daisy chain was one of the first beading stitches I tried and it always makes an attractive design. The Superduos remind me of petals. So, these three facts all came together in my mind as I created the Superduo Daisy bracelet.

I had to work out a way to use the outer holes of the Superduos. Or, more correctly, I didn’t ‘have’ to use these holes, but I thought it would be neater if I did. The technique for edging to fill them also gives the bracelet good stability and keeps the little daisies neatly in place. I chose to complete the design with one of my trademark beaded clasps.

A note on the beads

As with any beading project, the Superduo daisy bracelet will work best if you use the right materials. So, you will want to be sure that you use Superduos, not Twin Hole beads. It is also important that you use the Miyuki brand of seed beads (or rocailles). Do not be tempted to try and switch to another brand. Also, don’t get confused and use Delicas, or the design will not sit correctly. (If you find this idea confusing, then read this blog post!).

Finally, if you are thinking about using a normal round bead in place of the pellets, you will most likely find that the Superduos do not sit properly. The design allows them to snuggle into the pellet beads, creating a seamless look that will not work the same with a normal round bead. The clasp is made using circular and tubular Peyote and if you need any help with these techniques, you can find a free tutorial here.

As I said, the Superduo Daisy Bracelet was originally designed for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad promotional material. If it looks familiar to you, it also appeared in issue 70 of Bead and Jewellery Magazine. Although I love the soft, monochromatic turquoise colour scheme, this design will work well in any number of colours. So have a bit of fun as you create your own versions.

And, if you want to try out a version that uses the Cymbal Elements, take a look at this video.

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