Strawberry Superduo Beaded Box Pattern


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This strawberry superduo beaded box is quite quick and fun to make. The finished box measures about 2.5″ high and 2.5 ” wide. I completed the design with a ring of cream to support the strawberry.


You are going to need Superduos in red for the strawberry, and cream (for the cream, of course!).

You will also need size 11 and size 8 seed beads.

Choose your favourite beading thread, but make sure it is something that will give you good tension. The tension is critical to creating a stable box. These are all self-supporting, if done right! If you need some help with thread choice, check out this blog.

Experience and Techniques

This is an intermediate level project. It will really help if you are already familiar with Peyote stitch. If you do need to learn, then this free tutorial can help.

You may also find it helpful if you have used Superduos before. But this isn’t essential.

The whole project uses Peyote stitch. The thread paths are very easy. There are a couple of tricky points, which is why I decided not to recommend this to complete beginners. But I have given you help and tips for navigating those. So, if you are new to beading and happy to push yourself, then you can certainly try this tutorial.

About the strawberry Superduo beaded box pattern

When I was making my original Triangular Superduo beaded box, I realised that the design I had created reminded me of a strawberry shape.

So, I decided to explore this idea. Now, as you’ll see, a single triangular superduo beaded box will not stand up unsupported. But, I discovered it was simple to create a base to support this. So, I took the strawberry idea and combined it with its natural companion: cream.

The cream is also made in Peyote stitch, but the Cellini spiral variation. So, you get to explore some variations on a theme with this design. The result is bright and fun.

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