Lace Pattern Beaded Bracelet: ‘Lacy Path’


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My lace pattern beaded bracelet is a design that I created for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. The pattern originally appeared in Bead and Jewellery magazine.

Materials for the Lace Pattern bracelet

For this project, you will need Superduos, Tile beads, Pinch beads and Miyuki size 11 seed beads.

Choose your favourite beading thread. You will want something strong. I advise repeating thread paths on this as the lace pattern can put a bit of a strain on your thread.

I made a custom clasp by adapting a popper (snap fastener) and incorporating that into my beadwork.

In order to keep costs down, I also created a design that can be altered to fit any wrist, without needing to add more shaped seed beads. So, you can extend this just with the seed beads, which are cheaper to buy.


The Lace pattern is created simply by stringing beads. Then, you can make the clasp section using Peyote stitch.

About the design

I like to give you all a bit of background about my design process. In this case, I was simply playing with seed beads.

I had just received a pack from the Beadsmith containing some beads they wanted to promote. Now, sometimes these are a completely new shape. Other times, it can be an existing shape in a new colour.

I loved the dainty, feminine combination of the lilac and white. You might think this prompted me to think about the lace pattern. In actual fact, that simply evolved. It was only as I looked at the finished bracelet that it reminded me of lace.

I suspect this may have something to do with the fresh white colour of the Superduos. The ‘path’ comes from the Tile beads that form a regular path through the centre.

So, this design is a lot of fun to make. Once I had the main section, I moved on to think about the clasp. I could have extended the main section and used a simple clasp.

However, I decided to think about what people need when they shop. So, sometimes, the cost of lots of strings of shaped beads can be high. I thought if I limited myself to one string of Tile beads, I could create the right bracelet length with a seed bead strap.

So, I designed a clasp that incorporates a snap fastener (or popper) from my sewing kit. Then I covered it with some Peyote, so it is disguised when I wear the bracelet. So, it is simple to adapt and comfortable to wear.

I hope you will agree!

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