Kos Beads Bangle Pattern


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This Kos beads bangle is simple to make. So, it is perfect for all levels. I have included really comprehensive diagrams to show thread paths for this.


You just need two varieties of two-holed beads and some size 11 delicas or seed beads. So, they are:

  • Kos beads
  • Paisley duo beads
  • Size 11 delicas or seed beads
  • Your choice of beading thread

If you’re not a fan of bangles, it is actually really easy to just add a clasp instead. So, this works well as a bracelet and I have included information about how to add a clasp.

You can try out different colour schemes. The Kos bead bangle is so quick to make that you could make several to wear together.

Experience and Techniques

This project is suitable for all levels. If you are a complete beginner, you can certainly give this a try. I have written very comprehensive instructions to explain the thread path and use of beads.

This is basically a simple repeating pattern. So, once you have managed to create one section, you are just going to keep repeating the process.

I loved using the Kos beads for this because they allowed me to change direction and step up between holes on beads without ending up with visible thread. So, you are going to find this thread path is also very strong – perfect for a bangle design.

About the Kos beads bangle pattern

This is a design I created for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. So, they wanted jewellery that combined Beadsmith exclusive beads and the new Par Puca range.

As this is an early pattern, it reflects my early experiments. To start with, when trying out a new bead, it is all about seeing potential thread paths and combinations. So, the complexity of designs will grow in time. That is what makes this a great project if you are also starting to experiment with some new beads. Hopefully it will encourage you to continue to grow more adventurous too. If so, then here’s another Kos beads project you can try>>

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