Infinity Beads Layers Bracelet Pattern


For this project you will be working in Right Angle Weave and you will need, size 11 delicas, 4mm round beads, Angel Wing beads, 4mm pearls and a few Infinity Beads. This pattern is suitable for anyone who is happy working in RAW.

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Infinity Beads Layers Bracelet

This project is a very simple introduction to Infinity Beads. These are a new variety of two-holed bead. They look roughly like a figure of eight (the infinity symbol), hence their name. In this pattern I have used the Infinity Beads to create a simple layer of embellishment over an otherwise plain Right Angle Weave base. The design is finished off with an edging in delica beads. I fixed this bracelet with a slide clasp as I felt this suited the design. It can be tricky finding the right clasp for a bracelet as you need something that can be fastened fairly easily, but is also secure.


For this project, you will only need a small number of Infinity Beads. I added embellishment using Angel Wings and 4mm pearls. You can easily size the bracelet size to fit any wrist. So the pattern instructions include a range of materials to allow for bracelet sizes from 6.5″ upwards.

I took the colouring for this project from the Angel Wings. I felt they were such a strong colour in their own right that they needed a dark background to really let them stand out. If you are wanting to try a different colour combination, then using the Angel Wings as your starting point is a good idea. If you want to try this pattern but do not have any Infinity Beads, it should theoretically work with Superduos or Twin Holes. I say theoretically as this is an experiment I have not yet tried, but if you do give it a go, let me know how you get on.

Finally, a word about tension. You will need to work with a good firm tension for this project. I find that using Fireline really helps me, but not everyone feels the same way about this thread! If you normally struggle with tension, you can try passing round each RAW unit twice to tighten up your work. This is more time-consuming and will require extra thread, but it is worth it to get a good end result. If you want more information about the beads you are using, the techniques or any other aspect of beading, then head over to my sister website, My World of Beads.