GemDuo Bracelet Pattern: Snow and Ice


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This elegant, feminine GemDuo bracelet pattern is suitable for very confident beaders. Read on to find out how the pattern got its name.


I sell all the materials you will need for this GemDuo bracelet pattern. So, check out the beading supplies department here.

  • 1 pack of GemDuos
  • Pack of Superduos
  • 2g size 11 delicas
  • 5g size 11 seed beads in colour 1
  • 2g size 11 seed beads in colour 2
  • A handful of True2 beads
  • Your choice of beading thread

The pattern instructions include details of the colouring I used. If you want to change things around, then here is how to do it.

Start by choosing your GemDuos. Then pick a colour that contrasts with them and use this for the Delicas and Superduos. For the seed beads, pick two shades that tone with the GemDuos. The True2 can tone with either the GemDuos or the SuperDuos.

Techniques and Experience

The main structure of the bracelet is made by stringing, but the thread paths are fairly complex. The GemDuo bracelet pattern includes really detailed diagrams and descriptions. However, I suggest this project is best suited to more advanced beaders.

You can adjust the bracelet to fit any wrist size. So, this is done using the beaded clasp. The clasp is made using circular and tubular Peyote stitch. So, you should also be proficient in these techniques before attempting this project.

About the GemDuo Bracelet Pattern

I would like to say that I had a grand plan when I created this design. The reality is, I was simply playing!

So, I started with the little GemDuo round motifs and then just let the beads lead me. I began adding other beads, seeing which designs and shapes worked and just took it from there.

The snow and ice name reflected the colouring I ended up with. I knew I wanted to work with the Backlit Spectrum colour as that is so special. So, the next consideration was what colours to use with it. I felt the white beads really made the Spectrum colouring ‘pop’. Then I simply used seed beads that picked up the many colours in the Spectrum.

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