Gem Duo Star Beading Pattern


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Are your Christmas decorations complete yet? If not, then how about this beautiful Gem Duo star?


You will need:

  • GemDuo beads in two colours
  • True2 beads
  • Size 11 seed beads
  • Beading thread of your choice

I sell all these materials in the Beading Supplies department right here.

Experience and Techniques

The Gem Duo Star pattern is best suited to beaders who have some experience.

You are going to be stringing the Gem Duo beads. Then, you will use Square stitch for the edging and joining. I have also included a little bit of tubular Peyote and some basic RAW in the mix.

The pattern instructions are very comprehensive with lots of diagrams to illustrate the thread paths. If you find you need any additional help with the techniques, then I do have free tutorials available here.

The Beautiful Gem Duo Star

This is one of those designs that was bead-led. I don’t know if you have seen the GemDuos yet? They come in a huge range of colours. So, where is the innovation in all of that?

Well, the most stunning new Gem Duos are the backlit range. They look as though the light is shining out from inside the bead. It’s really quite amazing. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come over very well in photos. So, you’re going to have to trust me on that. Although, do take a look at some of the GemDuos here.

Now, seeing this light emitted from the beads really fired up my imagination. The diamond shape lends itself to creating triangles and diamonds within a design.

So, what is shiny and has diamonds or triangles? A star!

Now, when I came to sit down and design my star, I realised that the GemDuos are just as beautiful on both sides. So, I’ve created a reversible design. This is perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree. It can swing around as much as it likes and you will always have something beautiful to behold.

I chose to use a sleek silvery colour scheme. But this design lends itself to anything. So, make good use of the backlit effect and have fun choosing some colours. You’ll end up with a magnificent new Christmas decoration in this Gem Duo star!

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