Eva Beads Necklace Pattern: Medieval Inspiration


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I was lucky enough to work with some new beads before they came to market. So, this Eva beads necklace design is something I created a little while back. Now that the Eva beads are available, I can share the design with you.


So, what do you need to make this Eva beads necklace?

  • Eva beads – 1 pack in each of two colours
  • 40g of Miyuki size 11 seed beads – in 3 colours
  • 1 pack of RounDuo Minis
  • Your choice of beading thread

The tutorial will give you the colours that I used, plus some guidance on choosing your own colouring.

I used Fireline beading thread, but you can use whatever works best for you. You can check out my beading supplies for all the materials for this project>>

Experience and Techniques

This Eva beads necklace uses pretty basic stringing techniques to create the focal section. I have illustrated the pattern with a lot of step-by-step diagrams to show you thread paths. So, if you are good at following instructions, or already used to using two-holed beads, you’ll have no problem making this design.

I also used a simple spiral rope. Again, this is a technique that is accessible for all levels.

About the EVA Beads Necklace

I began just by experimenting with an idea for a pattern. So, the design evolved from that. I found myself with a focal front section that seemed somehow Medieval in style. Hence the name for this necklace!

You may be reading the materials list and thinking you don’t know a lot about the beads in it. Well, the Eva beads are a new two-holed bead from the Potomac Bead Company.

Following on from the huge popularity of the AVA bead, Potomac decided to try a smaller variation. So, you still get the same Chevron shape that will look familiar. However, the structure of this bead is a little different. So, you just get two holes to use, instead of three. The design potential is still great, with that fabulous shaping, but the thread paths are going to feel new if you are already used to using AVA beads.

Similarly, the RounDuo Mini is a smaller version of Potomac’s really popular RounDuos. These new beads are just 4mm. Like their larger siblings, they have two holes. But I find the 4mm size very useful. So, you can think of them like pearls or round beads, but with an increased versatility as a result of the two-hole structure.

This necklace design is a great way for you to start falling in love with these new beads!

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