Cowgirl Bracelet Beading Pattern


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This Cowgirl bracelet is simple and fun to make. I have all the beads you will need for the project available here too.


The Cowgirl bracelet uses the following materials:

  • GemDuos
  • Honeycomb Jewels
  • True2 Beads
  • Size 11 seed beads
  • Fireline beading thread

You can buy all these supplies right here in the beading supplies department.

Techniques and Experience

Believe it or not, the Cowgirl bracelet is made with Peyote stitch! I have used the most basic variations here. So, this project should be suitable for all levels of experience.

If you are completely new to beading, then I should warn you that working with two-holed beads (these are the GemDuos and Honeycombs), is a slightly different experience. There is nothing tricky about it for this project.

You simply need to watch that you pass through the correct hole on each bead. So, then the beads will sit the right way around. If you look closely, you can see that these beads have a raised front, so you need that to face outwards.

The second thing to keep is mind is your hole check. Whenever you work with multi-holed beads, you must check that all the holes in the bead are free. Sometimes little chips of glass will block a hole. Or, occasionally, the hole isn’t fully formed during the manufacturing process.

You can usually clear the blockages by carefully poking a needle into the hole to ease out whatever is blocking it. But, do take care as sometimes the bead itself can break!

About the Cowgirl Bracelet

I made this project as part of my work for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. The idea is that I help to promote the beads that they sell. So, you will find all these beads in any bead shop that sells Beadsmith products.

The design itself came about as part of my Autumn themed project. I set myself the challenge of creating as many projects to this theme as I could. So, some used motifs that you might associate with Autumn. These were things like berries and leaves.

Other projects used more obscure associations. So, I tried to work with Autumn colours. Or thought laterally, as in the cakes that symbolised comfort food. We all feel like a bit of that as the days start to grow shorter and colder!

So, you might be wondering how the Cowgirl bracelet fits into this. Firstly, I decided to take traditional browns that I associate with Autumn. I also built on a leaf-shape motif…I’ll leave you to spot that! However, rather than mixing the browns with gold or red or orange, I decided to try a contrast of white. Maybe this is Autumn heading towards Winter.

Then the Cowgirl name kind of attached itself. Something about this colouring just made me think of all things Rodeo. So, there we have it!

Of course, you can re-colour this design in any way. So, I hope you enjoy the Cowgirl bracelet pattern and find ways to personalise it and make it your own.

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