Cellini Spiral Superduo Bracelet


Use seed beads and Superduos to make a Cellini spiral with a secondary spiral around the outside. Make as a bracelet or necklace. Intermediate level. Please read the full product description to find out more about techniques and materials for this project.

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Cellini Spiral Superduo Bracelet – Materials

Cellini spiral is a variation of tubular Peyote stitch that creates a spiral by using different beads in a particular order. For this bracelet pattern, I mixed Superduos with size 11 seed beads to create the basic Cellini Spiral. I then added a secondary spiral around the outside, working with small cube beads.

You can vary the beads you use in the secondary spiral. So, choose something else from your stash if you need to. The trick to this project is getting excellent tension as you work. Although this pattern makes bracelet, you can easily extend the Cellini spiral to necklace length if you wish.

You can find the materials for this bracelet in my beading supplies section of the Beadshop.

For some beading projects it is inadvisable to interchange Superduos and Twin Holes. However, for this project, you can use either brand of bead. Just stick to the same brand in the project!

Alternative Clasps

I have also included two different options for the clasp fastening. When I make bracelets I prefer to use a magnetic clasp or toggle clasp as I find these easiest to use securely. So, I have made a variation that uses a magnetic clasp. It then extends the beadwork to conceal the clasp. Thus I create the effect of a bangle-style continuous line of beadwork when the jewellery is worn.

I also made a different variation just attaching a simple toggle clasp to either end of the Cellini spiral base. Instructions for both versions are included in this pattern.

Top Tips

If you are new to working with two-holed beads then bear in mind a piece of advice… It is common for beads of any variety to have the odd blocked hole. If the bead has only one hole, you will discover the blockage as you come to use the bead. However, with two-holed beads, it is possible that one hole will be fine and the second hole will be blocked. If you happen to use the unblocked hole and don’t check the other hole as well, you will have problems when you come to use the second hole. This can mean having to un-do a lot of beadwork. So, don’t forget to check both holes in your Superduo or Twin Hole before you use it!

Other than that, just have some fun playing with this Cellini spiral variation. This pattern is suitable for all levels, although you may find it challenging if you are literally just starting out with beading. I have included very clear instructions. You will find step-by-step diagrams, photos and written instructions. So, make sure you use all of these and you will be fine!

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