AVA Beads Tutorial: Wavy Bracelet


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About this AVA Beads Tutorial

This AVA Beads tutorial shows you how to use the AVA beads in another pattern. It is the fourth design I have created to date, with the AVA beads and I still love working with them!

For the Wavy bracelet, I combined the AVA Beads with some other multi-holed beads sold by the Potomac Bead company. So, you will be able to get all the beads you need direct from Potomac or from any bead store who sells their products. You can buy the AVA beads from me here. I also have the other beads in stock.

About the Beads

If you are new to working with AVA beads, RounTrios, or DiscDuos, you can find lots of handy information about the beads at this website.

To give you a brief overview, the AVA Beads are ‘V’ shaped with three holes through them. This gives great scope for creating different shaping and texture within your work.

The RounTrios look like round beads, but instead of just one hole, they have three. So, this creates some interesting opportunities for thread paths.

Similarly, the DiscDuos appear to be flat discs, but they also have two holes through them.

These multiple holes are a gift from a design perspective. You can create complex-looking designs very simply!

Top Tips

Just take care that you pass through the correct hole in each bead!

Of course, multiple holes means multiple risk of a blocked hole. So, do make sure you check that every hole in your bead is free before you add the bead. In some cases, you will not be passing through the second or third hole until a few steps after you added the bead. So, finding a blockage at that point will lead to a lot of un-beading!

The Tutorial

This AVA Beads tutorial guides you through the entire design in simple steps. Each step has been illustrated with a diagram to show the thread paths. I have added additional photos so you can see the detail and the bracelet from all angles.

I hope that this means anyone who enjoys working with multi-holed beads will have no problem at all in following my tutorial.

You will notice that I included a beaded clasp for this bracelet design. The instructions for this particular clasp can be found in my book, ‘Beaded Clasps‘. So you can follow those from the book. Or if you do not have the book, just use a clasp of your choice.

If you would like to see more AVA Beads tutorials, you can find them all here.

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