AVA Beads Sautoir Necklace Pattern


For this project you will need Delicas in sizes 10 and 11, a wooden bead, DiamonDuos, AVA beads and 4mm pearls. You can buy all these products here. The pattern uses netting, tubular herringbone and tubular peyote. This is suitable for experienced beaders. Please read the full product description for more helpful information.

You will receive the pattern as an automatic download on your receipt. Please remember to check your spam folder if you can’t find the receipt in your inbox. You can also log in to your account on this website to access and download your pattern, or email me if you are having problems.

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You might be forgiven for thinking that I made this AVA beads sautoir necklace in a blatant attempt to follow fashion. In fact, the design evolved. I had an idea in my head for AVA beads.

When I started beading, I expected this to turn into a bracelet. In fact, it almost did! However, I found my AVA bead section taking on a different form. So, suddenly, I had a fabulous beaded bead. But what was I to do with it?

Well, such an adornment makes the perfect focal to a sautoir necklace. So, I added some fringe, added a rope and voila! I had designed this AVA beads sautoir necklace.

What Materials will I need?

I designed the AVA beads sautoir necklace with practicality in mind. Since I now stock a few beading supplies, I thought I would use only those that I have in stock. So, this means you don’t have to hunt around for supplies for this project.

You will need Delica beads in two sizes: size 10 and size 11. You also need a 30mm wooden bead and a pack of 4mm pearls. I used AVA beads in two colours and complemented these with DiamonDuos. You can find all these supplies right here.

I will be happy to put together a kit for anyone who needs it. But, it actually saves you money to buy the materials yourself. For one thing, it is possible that you already have some of these things in your stash, so you won’t need to buy them. Additionally, did you know that when you buy a kit you are also paying someone to pack it for you? So, if you just get the materials and the pattern here, you save yourself some money!

Plus, I have a little secret to share. If you buy the pattern first, you can see the full materials list. You will also receive a receipt for your purchase. This receipt includes a discount voucher, so you can use that to get a bit of money off your materials!

Will I be able to make the AVA beads sautoir necklace?

Absolutely! This project uses netting, which is a lovely simple technique. It also uses tubular Herringbone and tubular Peyote. Now, if you are mystified by any of these techniques, I can help.

Firstly, you can download free tutorials that are written with beginners in mind and will teach you the techniques. So, that’s free backup for the project.

Secondly, the project instructions are really detailed. They are full of diagrams to show thread paths and photographs to show the assembly. Plus the written descriptions are clear. So, whether you like pictures or words, you will be able to follow this.

If you don’t trust me on that, then try downloading one of my free tutorials to get a feel for my writing style!

So, without further ado, thank you for browsing the AVA beads sautoir necklace pattern. If you decide to buy it, then you will love making it and I will be on hand if you have any questions.

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