Twinkies and Suzy Q Necklace Recipe Card


For this project you will need delicas, beads for stringing and a copy of Sweet Treats book. You will be working in Peyote stitch with a wave stitch beaded rope. This pattern is suitable for anyone who enjoys Peyote stitch.

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Twinkies and Suzy Q Necklace

This recipe card is linked to my ‘Sweet Treats’ book and gives 3 pages of instructions. You will also need to buy or own a copy of the book as the recipe card uses the instructions for Twinkies and Suzy Qs that are available only in my book. This card gives you full instructions for assembling the cakes at the front of the necklace and it details exactly how to create the wave stitch necklace. Some experience of Peyote stitch is recommended, but this recipe is not difficult and would be suitable for all levels. The recipe is also available as a full kit with all the materials you will need.

A little history!

For anyone who is not familiar with these Sweet Treats, they are very popular in the USA.

I first ate Twinkies on a holiday in Florida. Compared to the European palette, I find these incredibly sweet, but they are also very more-ish! They are basically sponge cake filled with cream. The cakes are made by the Hostess company and have a long history.

Over the years, the company has tried several different recipes, including a banana cream filling. The story goes that Twinkies originated when the company was trying to work out how to make more efficient use of a piece of machinery that typically manufactured summer baked goods.

Twinkies seem to be very popular in American culture, much as Mr Kipling Cakes have a reputation in the UK. However, in the first part of the twenty-first century, the Hostess company found itself in financial difficulties. So, it seemed that the fate of the Twinkies hung in the balance. Problems with obesity and an increasing interest in healthy eating were unfortunately giving the Twinkies a bad name with consumers.

So whatever happens to the cakes, I hope my beaded version will preserve a little bit of US cultural history! In case you are wondering, Suzy Qs are another variety of cake made by the Hostess company. I picked these to make in beads because of their lovely shape: two pieces of cake sandwiched together with a creamy filling.

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